I have never been out on a boat in a big storm.  If the wind was howling and waves were breaking over the bow of the boat I doubt strongly that I would be strolling calmly around the deck watching the weather.  I think I would have searched out the strongest thing I could possibly find and then firmly attach myself to it with strong rope.  If rope could not be found I would grip it is such a fashion that I would leave fingerprints in the steel.

    It seems only common sense to grab onto something strong and stable in the midst of a storm.  Storms in our daily lives should be regarded in similar fashion.  When something seems to be relentlessly buffeting us, we need to find the strongest thing we can find and hold on as tightly as possible.

    Ira Sankey penned these words.  “The Lord’s our Rock, in Him we hide, A Shelter in the time of storm; Secure whatever ill betide, A Shelter in the time of storm.”  It is Jesus to whom we should cling in those tempestuous times.  It is with his security and steadfastness that we will be able to withstand any storm that comes our way.

Published by Ray Richards