Out of my three boys, it's the middle one that is going to grow up to be an evil genius.  This kid knows every angle and if you let him, he will argue and debate better than most adults. 
With him, there will be more installments, I guarantee it. 

He is your typical little boy, can't sit still, talks non stop usually consisting of fart jokes and lately we haven't been able to say the words "balls" or "nuts" or any other term similar or it will send him (usually followed shortly by his older brother) into uncontrollable fits of laughter. You know, the humor they never grow out of. Lol 

A few examples, I call these "Holdenism's" 

He comes in from playing outside one afternoon with a tennis ball and a big guilty grin.  I figure it best to pretend I don't see the grin when he says "know where I got this ball?" I said "I'm not sure I want to know" this doesn't phase him and the grin gets bigger, he says "I stole it from the neighbors dog" so without thinking I said "why did you take their dogs balls?" Oh dammit! My oldest shakes his head and says "wow mom I can't believe you fell for that!" As the 7 year old is curled up in the fetal position with tears in his eyes. Yeah I can't either. 

My favorite instance with him, we were sitting in the living room one afternoon and I asked him "what do you want for dinner?" Without even looking up he says "Pizza Hut" so I ask him "do you have any money?" He says "yep! I have a dollar" then dad says "No you don't, I found it on the floor so it's my dollar now" he scrunched his eyebrows for a second and says "no it wasn't, it was under my pillow" dad teases him and says "were you hoping the tooth fairy would leave a gross mangled tooth?"He shakes his head and says "no so she could replace it with a twenty" I asked him "how did that work out for you?" He said "my dollar was gone"

Then there is the constant tormenting of his older brother, he once got mad at his brother and yelled "when you're sleeping, I am going to shine the laser pointer on your crotch and see what the cats will do!" This sent dad into uncontrollable fits of laughter, followed by "wake me up so I can get a video". His brother probably would have sulked but he couldn't stop laughing. 

I will leave you with one final story (for now, as there will be more to come lol). The end of the school year he was playing kick ball after school, fell down and broke his wrist (minor fracture). While he was getting his temporary splint, he was upset and insisting the doctor read the x Ray wrong because his wrist felt fine now, finally after the bulky splint was on, the doctor asked him how it felt, he looked at it and burst into tears.  Now we are worried that it's to tight, he finally says "My fingers are so little!" The doctor had to turn away so he wouldn't see her trying not to laugh. I told her "it's ok you eventually get used to it". Within seconds his crying stopped and he says "hey this is hard enough to hit my brother with when he's being a jerk" instantly cheered up. That poor doctor. 

I am certain there will be more to come.


Published by Liz Zemlicka