I  voluntarily received a free copy of Holding Back Daylight by Carrie Crafton in exchange for an honest review.


Loss has been the prominent theme in Claire's life, leaving scars that have closed her off to the world around her. But with new friendships forcing their way in, and old ones threatening to disappear, something has to change. Holding Back Daylight, with humor and heartache, explores how the heart lets go, and how it lets love back in again.      


It took me two or three chapters to really get into Holding Back Daylight, because it is a little slow to start. However, once I got into it, I really enjoyed the story and characters. Crafton has written characters that are all endearing in their own ways and all have their own struggles. This book focuses on real world situations and conflicts that we may all face at one point in our lives.

Holding Back Daylight is not my usual type of read. I tend to read mostly Fantasy, Romance, YA, or Thriller. Even though there is some romance in Holding Back Daylight, it is not an ooey-gooey romance novel. This is the perfect book if you are looking for an easy and light-hearted read.




"Why did she always have to go to death? Why did it always have to be in the air for her?"

"For once, she didn't want to think about whether she should like it or not. She just wanted to go with it."

"She'd forgotten how nice this could be, forgotten how to let go and be in the moment."

"While normally, no matter what was happening around her, Claire could maintain the calm of the eye of the storm, right now, the storm was inside her."

"She had decided to let someone in and consciously find out who they were, knowing that it would be her turn to do the same next."


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