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 Last Friday, I  brought the Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for him and for day 3 I am giving a gift buying guide for shopping for women. I listed 15 gift ideas that can be for your mother, sister, or friend.

  1. Jewelry Organizer-This could be for a girl that you notice has a lot of accessories. Check out Bed Bath & Beyond's selection.

  2. Selfie lighting phone case-If she likes to take selfies, make it easier for her with a selfie lighting phone case! I found a cheap case at Wish.com.

  3. Makeup brush set- Any girl that wears makeup can benefit from a new set of brushes. Ulta has a Real Techniques set for $17.99.

  4. Yoga Set-Is the girl you're shopping for into yoga? Purchase her a set from Amazon. They have various colors and it's $39.99.

  5. Slow cooker-This is the perfect gift for someone that likes to cook or talks about needing new cooking tools. Amazon has cute slow cookers in different colors for $33.55.

  6. Unicorn Onesie- This onesie is super cute and soft! They have them at Target for $27.99.

  7. Face mask set- Skincare is extremely important. Contribute to her beauty routine by buying a face mask set. Sephora has a set for $37.99.

  8. Golden Monagram Mug- Shopping for a coffee or tea drinker? This is the most glam mug I've ever seen and they have initials on them, too! It's at Anthrolopologie for only $10.00.

  9. Rose gold measuring cups-A unique kitchen item to gift someone are these pretty rose gold measuring cups for $24.95 at Anthrolopologie.

  10. Chokers-This 90s trend is definitely back! Chokers are a popular accessory particularly for teenage girls. Claire's has a great selection.

  11. Undergarments-Women can always use some new bras and panties. Try Aerie and Bare Necessities.

  12. Spa Day-Treat someone to a spa day! It can be very relaxing and refreshing. Research for good places in your area.

  13. Bath & Body Works-Bath & Body Works has a variety of scents. They are known for great candles, body mists, and shower gels!

  14. Thigh high boots-One of my personal faves is thigh high boots! For inexpensive options, look on Ego Shoes and Public Desire.

  15. Extensions- For a girl that wears extensions, you can buy her some Mayvenn hair from  UKBeauty.Mayvenn.com.

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