Originally posted on theglamisland.wordpress.com. Day 2 of my 8 Days of Blogmas is a Holiday Gift Guide: gifts for him. Wednesday was my personal Christmas wishlist. Be on the lookout for a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Christmas.
When it comes to Christmas shopping, men can be a little challenging to shop for. Of course we have to think about the guy's personal interests. Does he love electronics? Is he a gamer? Here are some (mostly inexpensive) gift ideas for your dad, brother or significant other:
  1. Projector-Want to take his movie nights to the next level? Try getting him a projector. My Geek Box has a smartphone projector for only $20.99. Here is a more expensive projector from Amazon for $99.98 that is compatible with a camera, smartphone, USB drive, TV box, games, laptop and amplifier.
  2. Beard Grooming Kit- Something many men may not already have is a beard grooming kit! This keeps their skin and facial hair looking nice. Sephora has one for $35.00.
  3. Headphones-Headphones are a must-have! So if he doesn't already have a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, Amazon is selling a pair from Sony for $36.50.Or, if you're willing to splurge a little, get him some Beats.
  4. Wallet-Any man can use a nice wallet. Nordstrom has both luxury and inexpensive options.
  5. Light up Bluetooth speaker-Everyone loves music, right? This Bluetooth Speaker from Think Geek is really cool for $69.99.
  6. Pajamas, robe and/or slippers-Comfort is the key when it comes to nice pajamas, robes and slippers and everyone could use some! Brooks Brothers has a great selection of all three.
  7. Watch-It doesn't have to necessarily be a Rolex unless you got it like that. Nordstrom rack has nice and less expensive watches.
  8. Mini Fridge- This could be good for your brother's dorm or for your dad or significant other who needs another place to store his drinks. Check out this one from Walmart for only $29.99.
  9. Turntable: A unique gift idea would be a stereo turntable. This one from Amazon has an auxiliary input and the capability to convert vinyl records to MP3 format at $47.31.
  10. Cocktail kit-Is the man you're shopping for into mixing his own drinks? Anthropologie is selling a cocktail kit for $24.00 that makes two different cocktails.
  11. Beersicle Beer Coolers-If the guy is a big beer drinker, you can get him these cool beersicles from Amazon for $17.99.
  12. Wine rack-Another alcohol-related gift is a wine storage rack. This wine storage rack is from Anthropologie for $98.00.
  13. Virtual reality headset- These VR headsets are becoming popular. Macy's has one that connects to a smartphone for $29.99.
  14. Games-Buying something for a gamer? Check out Walmart's Video Game Value Bundles.
  15. Ties & Bow Ties-Lastly, buy him some ties or bow ties! Men's Warehouse has a lot of options. 
    What are you planning on getting for the men in your life? If you're a guy, what do you want for Christmas? Comment below! and  don't forget to like The Glam Island's Facebook page.

Published by Jayla Kearney