Monday the 22nd of August on our holiday, we took a trip to Portamao shopping centre where there were, and i quote my mother ‘120 lojas’ 120 shops to buy from, so we gave it a go.

We went here last year and bought lots also had dinner too it was successful last year and fun, so we wanted to do the day again. The day is on my youtube so check the video out.. #part5

So my haul begins with my first buy which was a storage glass container, from the shop, ‘tiger’ to keep my make up brushes in, super cute on my vintage table back home.

Secondly – a on the go mug cup, like a thermo flask, for the coffee on the go but not for me thats a present for my other half the coffee for his early morning shifts.

Next was some grey joggers, capri cut of style super baggy and comfy these were in the sale too so extra chuffed. Then i bought a big jumper, a white jumper with blue and white stripes on the sleeves the bold text on the front saying ‘im not a blogger’ hehehe you can tell why i liked it.

Next i bought another white jumper! Hoping they look ok with jeans and pretty much anything to chill in back home.

This one had super cute white mesh cuffs but the best bit was the front which said ‘athlete’ in bold red text which of course is perfect for me as i am an athelte.

Then we had some lunch where i ate the best pasta salad of my life yes thats right! They are so good! I could eat about 10 of them. From a place called vitinminas all the cold vitinmins and good food you can think off.

After that we all shopped and spent some more, i looked at every trainer and peice of sports/fitness clothing going then we moved onto Decathlon one of my favourite shops ever (every sport clothing and equipment is sold here) i mangaed to get a new running top is a lovely peach colour and black training gloves, i also got a lovely colourful bandanner which i can use as a head scarf, neck scarf, bandanna, and balaclarver protecting me from all those weathers types when training – to me this is very exciting im not the normal girly girl to buy all the make up and dresses from the shops.

I managed to pull myself away from some of the training clothes and trainers and saved myself a little bit of money for buying on the rest of my trip.

We are having a wonderful time out here yet again so theres a little update on my bank account and hope everyones August is as awesome as mine.

See pictures below of items, leave me a comment of what you like, anythings i would like, any questions about items l below, love to chat to you all.

Happy Holidays
Much Love J x

Published by Jaydyne Overton