Time For A Break.

After everything that's happened recently (small recap: Belgium, car crash, internal bleeding, surgery, ICU, hospital 2 weeks, fly back to UK, recovery month 3) my family and myself needed a holiday to enjoy ourselves and to help me walk more (torn ligament); so the Cotswolds it is. Everywhere we went I hadn't been before, if you're planning on visiting there soon here are some places I went to.

We decided to go via Oxford, I had never been there before and liked it a lot. The architecture was the most impressive part of the city with the University at the centre of it. The colours and shapes making them unique and making the whole city have character.


We then moved on to where we were staying, a little town called Chipping Campden. This little town is idiclic English countryside, the kind you expect to see in the tourism guide. It's wall to wall old homes that all look haunted with warm country pubs with friendly owners.

The next day was my mum's birthday so we went to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. I've always wanted to go there as I really enjoy Shakespeare's work. 


There were so many statues quoting his works which I really enjoyed. We took a boat down the river Avon got to see beautiful homes that backed onto the river and the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre. Very peaceful and picturesque.


We finally went to Anne Hathaway's Cottage which is very romantic to fantasy Shakespeare writing his plays in, when the garden's didn't look like they did and were at least in the beginning in poverty. There was this interesting sculpture to frame the cottage which was a nice piece of art to go with the house.


The next day we explored some the other pretty villages, the nicest being Bourton-On-The-Water. Mainly because it was dog city. I had never seen so many dogs in one place in my life, just go for the dogs. Just imagine sitting on the grass under a willow tree with your toes in the clear water and dogs everywhere, a dream come true.


We were then off to Sudeley Castle, the only castle with a royal buried in it, it was the burial place of Katherine of Parr so was mainly Tudor era decor and objects but with some updates after Oliver Cromwell in the Civil War destroyed a part of the castle. The best part of this castle was the gardens with nice patterns and variety of colours.


Warwick Castle was the next on our list which was very nostalgic as I went there when I was 10, all I remember is getting a purple princess hat that I still have today (and wear all time).  This  was even better than I remembered as there was a Castle Dungeons part which is like the London Dungeons with actors trying to scare you in different rooms you go into. Highly recommend 11/10.


The final place on our holiday we visited was Bienheim Palace which was the most beautiful place I have ever been. It was amazing! Floor to ceiling paintings, architecture and design in every room making the next even better than the last. The gardens matched up to the palace with impressive fountains and patterned hedges and a butterfly house.


That was my visit, it was really nice holidaying in the UK again we hadn't done it since I was a child.This holiday also got me walking on my leg again which is now all bruised but means it's getting better. This holiday also forced me to do more normal things again and getting back out there. I'm now home writing this with my cat on my lap enjoying being home. 


Keeping Pushing Yourself. Lucy.

Published by Lucy Mills