First of all, it's holiday up the coast if you live in Melbourne Australia, so this may seem a little different.

Well 2 guesses where I'm off to in a few weeks!  "Up North" as us Aussies say....  I'm from Melbourne and I'm heading up to Noosa.  It's still the start of Spring here in Melbourne.....well kind of the middle....and it feels like winter.  12 Celsius today and rain, was the same for the last 2 days and is the same tomorrow (what is with all this rain?!)

So as any Melbournite, I'm wearing lots of black......and I'm sick of it.


In Noosa this week it's all 24-27 Celsius, I can't wait to get there and feel the sun on my skin......I am so pasty white (under my fake tan of course)!


So here are some ideas for heading up the coast or "North" as my lot say.  Yes, you can do monochrome up North but not many people do.  It seems to be a sea of colour round there.  I don't think they ever got over the 80's and that's cool by me.  I loved the 80's.



I also think my fascination with the 80's is the fact that they were the years in which I was a teenager.  Research dictates that you always go back to the years in which life felt safe and fun......before you actually grew up.  

If I take that another step further, I am going to Noosa with my Dad and brother and meeting up with my cousins.......memories of childhood :)  My Mother died earlier this year after a long and courageous battle with cancer, so being with family heals the soul for me. 

It's a trip to remember my Mother and be with my birth family who also feel lost without her, that is very important to me.









Published by Susan Crowe