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This is the 4th time I've moved abroad as an adult (only for work) and I'm really realising just how far money takes you. We all know that money practically pays for everything but as soon as you move out you know maybe 1/4 of your money is your rent and maybe bills and the next 1/4 is food. Now that's half your money gone on just staying alive and on a healthy lactose free diet *throws hands in air in exasperation*

In school when did they ever seriously teach you about finance and amounts of money going to pay for things? I'll wait... It just doesn't happen or it wasn't  (isn't) done well enough!

When I was in China I didn't have to think that much because we dealt in thousands and ate out all the time. It was easier to save because so much of your living and entertainment was cheap. Hence I broke even, paid my tithes and saved almost as much as I broke even to take back home after 4 months.

This time around I'm in Europe counting out living costs and working out holidays. Bottom line, flights are fair but food spending money, cultural knowledge spending money and probably accommodation (I look to couchsurfing first if I'm going alone) makes it all a little more pricey.
I'm saying that I thought being an adult in the western world was going to be easy. Having lived successfully in China, even though I didn't but could travel cheaper easily, this takes more thought. 

So dear readers if you don't have to leave your parents house for sake of safety then don't leave home. Stay and save. I went on more trips making one fifth less than I am now and paraded my city when I didn't have to pay to live, lol! Life just is that real and I can't go to as many places as often as I predicted while saving as much as I plan on saving!

I'm sure all the other independent adults knew this but why didn't anyone explicitly tell me? Yall a bunch of selfish people. So I'm telling those that didn't know now, save and plan. Take national train trips often and international trips occasionally.

This is the beauty of of Spain to me. I get to learn all of this in my side of the world in a cheaper city than my home city!

Have a wonderful week and cut out that extra Papa John's trip your waist line knows isn't good for you. Hahaha, I just don't like Nandos- which would be the better example, since everyone eats it, but I'm waffling now.

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