Lights...Camera...Action and the movie that you had been yearning to watch for months finally gets released on the silver screen. The entire movie with its talented star-cast, scenic locations, the mesmerizing background score and all the other aspects seamlessly come together like the missing pieces of a puzzle to deliver a masterpiece. Although it looks so simple and easy on the outside, the process is quite the opposite, where months and sometimes even years of effort goes into the making of a movie.

Starting from the development of an idea or a plot to its pre-production, production, principal photography, wrap and the post-production, each stage is crucial and requires precision in planning.

For every second of a scene that you watch on screen, there are days and days of hard work undertaken by the different units of production to deliver that one stellar breath-taking shot that looks surreal and leaves you in awe.

Hence behind all the glitz and glamour, the star-studded red carpets and award shows, there is a lot of hustle happening behind the scenes that are very hard for a layman to believe, for an industry, that looks so easy-going on the outside.

Some of the most successful and well-known Hollywood stars swear by their work-ethics: of how disciplined and consistent hard work have won them their much-deserved name and fame, and also happens to be the reason why their fans adore and worship them.

Take for instance the STX Entertainment Company that produces, acquires and markets motion pictures globally with some really successful titles to its credit like Bad Moms, The Gift, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and many more promising upcoming projects. The studio believes that any new project undertaken has many crucial elements accompanied by a new set of challenges, both technical and creative.

As the Founder and CEO of STX Entertainment, Robert Simonds in deadline, who has been responsible for 30 major studio titles that have generated more than 6 billion in Worldwide revenue proves with his commercial acumen and approach to entertainment that glitz and glamour is just the tip of the iceberg and there are so many other dynamic processes that contribute to the success of a movie and a production studio.

Because at the end of the day film-making is an art and science of collaboration and after-all the hard work and sweat, the love and positive response from the audience makes it worth the while.

Published by Harris Scott