Hello guys, it’s Saturday. The typical day to do laundries and loads of house chores. I love Saturdays cos it gives me time to clean out my closet and put my room in order. It’s also a day for me to love my bed the way it deserves to be loved, bond with families, hang out with my girls, and best of all watch movies! I’m a huge movie addict.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do all of this today as I had to attend a wedding. After all, Saturdays are for Owanbes (Nigerians word for parties). But then before I left home for the party, I had to quickly do a few chores so as to avoid a pile tomorrow. As I did this, I realized I was skipping some deliberately and that’s because I hate to do them.
Here goes the list:


Mopping the Floor


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I really dunno why I hate this chore but I have always avoid it. When I was younger and lived with my parents, I always make sure to pass it to my kid sister. It’s a chore I find too stressful. So immediately I smear the marble/tiles, I clean to avoid finding a reason to mop on Saturdays. I still do these days though if need be but I try to avoid it and find someone else to do for me.


Washing Pots
I am sure I’m not the only one who find myself in this dilemma. I find it annoying when I wake up to tons of pots in the sink. Who even invented pots and make them look so big? One of some can even occupy the sink space. Washing pots can be frustrating especially the ones with burnt food…aaaaargh….and those parties type of pots…please don’t try my patience!


Sorting Dried Clothes

Washing I don’t mind as long as it’s mostly my clothes and few of others. Spreading to dry, I can endure. Packing from the line, I can try. But sorting it into the closet😭😭Can someone just help me with that???? You have to select the jean from the tops from the dresses…fold or hang…who invent all these chores for crissake!




There was a time I used to enjoy ironing. It feels so good for me to iron my dresses especially and hang them in my closet waiting to be worn. Suddenly, it is has become a task I don’t look forward to. Especially a starched outfit, sweet Lord…I can never iron that one without a crease. Thank God for dry cleaners.


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Which one would you have added to the list?


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