I burst through the door,

She's down on the floor,

Asking him for more.


You can see her bliss.

She breaks from the kiss.

Why did you do this?


Her eyes are aghast,

On her feet at last,

And her guy runs past.


There's tears in our eyes.

She speaks and she tries

To apologize


And suddenly I feel the break.

Like a mirror hitting the ground,

I wish she'd never come around.

This was all just a big mistake.


She puts a hand around my arm,

Her fingers graze across my face.

She holds me there in an embrace.

Such a cold heart, yet she's so warm.


I push her back against the wall.

I can feel my rage blossoming

Like a bull raging in the ring,

And suddenly she looks so small.


Why did you do this?

The tears in my eyes.

Why did you do this?

My arm is shaking.

Why did you do this?

Her throat collapses

Why did you do this?

She stops her kicking.

Why did you do this?

She slumps into me.

Why did you do this?

She drops to the floor.


Why did I do this?

I sink to the ground.


Hi everyone! This is my first piece of work on My Trending Stories. Hope you liked it! Let me know in the comments below! It was definitely one of the weirder ones.

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