We are of course still enjoying a glorious summer, but when it comes to home improvement projects, the clock never stops and time never stands still. With the weather still warm, there is, of course, the temptation to sit back, be cooled by the ceiling fans, and relax. However, there is no better time to start considering home improvement ideas for the autumn than right now. Imagine, a little hard work now will reap rewards as the leaves start to fall, and you’ll be getting your home all shipshape and ready for Christmas (yes it is coming). So whilst there is always time for a relaxing sit under your cooling ceiling fans, you should also make time to make plans, and then act. Here we look at some home improvement tips that can help you get started off in the right direction – read on for ideas and inspiration…


You all know the saying, first impressions last right, of course, you do. Well, this applies not only to personal appearance but also to the views taken when somebody first sets their eyes on your home – and where does this usually take place? At the front door/entrance! A little attention here can certainly make a great impression to any visitors or guests. Add to this the fact that every night after work, you’ll be able to smile to yourself and acknowledge the improvements you have made as you too enter the home.

There are many ways in which this can be achieved. One of the simplest, yet most effective, is to replace your tired old front door, with a beautiful, bespoke, perhaps even colourful alternative. Every time you or anyone else enters, the welcoming feeling will be intensified.

You can instantly add kerb appeal whether you elect a new uPVC door, or choose a colourful yet sturdy wooden door. There are even more options such as glass enforced polyester (GRP) or aluminium doors. A simple idea it might be but it gives an immediate impact and almost entices people into the home – you too will get to enjoy the benefit every single day.

A Splash Of Colour

As in nature through the seasons, colours are meant to be changed. You can instantly change the mood and feel of a room, or hallway simply by adding a new lick of paint. The question should always be, why am I just using magnolia? Opening your mind a little will change how you feel about your home, and never forget the best thing about painting, if you do not like it, you can change it! A little splash of colour in places can lift a room, change an environment and atmosphere and make you feel like the home is yours, lived in and loved rather than just being neutral and sterile. So perhaps now, whilst the natural light is better, it is a good time to add a little diversity of colour to your home, you don’t have to colour a rainbow unless of course, that’s what you want to do!

Warm And Cosy

It may make you feel a little sad, but the nights are indeed drawing in. Therefore, to give your home, and indeed yourself that little mood boost, it is a great time to make your home all that more cosy and comfortable. As autumn progresses to winter, you’ll probably be spending much more time indoors, and therefore you’ll want to make this time as nice and as luxurious as possible, and the key to this makes it welcoming and warm – in mood as well as temperature.

The garden or the kitchen may well be the focal point during the summer, but that will change, and it is likely to be the living room that gets the most use. Whether it is time together as a couple, a family, or even just by yourself, you want the room to be the perfect place to gather, relax and enjoy – feeling comfortable is key.

One way of adding comfort, together with practicality is to add a log burner. Not only will this provide heat and warmth, it is also a feature within a room and provides an instant update for your interior. At the same time, you might want to look at investing in new energy efficient windows which will add value to the property, as well as adding practicality and aesthetic change. Whilst windows may all seem the same, there are, as with doors, many different styles available. You can complement the exterior of the property with newly installed stylish windows – they do not have to be white framed either, and you’ll have the choice of uPVC, wood or aluminium which can be contemporary, modern or traditional too. Even the glass can vary in colour, bevel, etchings or decoration. Not only will this improve your home on a practical level, it will be an investment in the preservation and value of your home, as well as adding to the aesthetic appearance seen by both you and others.


There will be times when your intentions and wishes cannot be matched by your budget, and the financial realities put a halt to your potential projects. But not everything has to cost a lot of money. Your older items of furniture may look like they need replacing, but then you might not be able to do so and this is where you need to be crafty!

It is possible to breathe new life into older pieces and undertake what is known nowadays as upcycling. This is the process of reusing or repurposing something older in a new way. It can be, if done correctly, unique and stylish and also a lot cheaper than disposing of your old items and buying brand new ones. These “makeovers” can be very cost-effective, and if you perhaps lack a little inspiration or direction, then looking online at sites such as Pinterest or other DIY based sites can give you all the information you need. The idea is to have fun experimenting until you get it right and can involve the use of new handles on drawers and doors, chalk paint or different colours etc. Even a simple throw can renew an old chair in a room. At first, it may feel a little alien, but go with it, give it a chance and experiment until you create something you love for your home – you’ll never know unless you try!


If you are going to be spending more and more time inside, then you’ll appreciate a little more space in which to do so. Obviously, the garden feels more open and so on returning indoors as the season's change may feel enclosing or restrictive. You’ll need therefore to use the space available in the best way possible.

Worry not, you will not have to up sticks and move house in order to create space, there are ways in which the result can be achieved without this expense or hassle. You could add a room such as a conservatory or an orangery or even an extension, but you do not have to. You could look at storage solutions or make a real commitment to declutter your existing property. Whilst you may feel that there is a lot of sentimentality linked to some of your possessions, practically speaking if you do not need them or use them are they not just gathering dust whilst taking space – if you still can’t make yourself get rid of them, think about moving them up into the loft for storage until they are needed. The best way, however, is to allow yourself a little mean-streak and make some tough decisions, in a few weeks when you are sitting in a more open and friendly environment and space you’ll have probably already forgotten just what you decided to lose.

Your house should feel like your home and be a reflection on you and all of those with whom you live. Let it match and compliment your personality and dynamic, let it reflect your character and let it truly be your home. These tips are a great way of making home improvements for the autumn and thereafter and for helping you create a space within which you can not only live but also thrive. It’s time for a change, or maybe even two – good luck!

Published by Taslima Akter