It was September 10, 1858, that John Holden hit the first home run in baseball.  I have heard many announcers call a home run one of the most exciting plays in baseball.  I can understand their opinion but personally, there are  many other plays that I would rather see.

    Most players, pros and children, want to hit the home run.  Singles, doubles and triples are nice, but given their choice, most players like to hit home runs.  The fans cheer louder and they get more glory.  Fans don’t remember who hit singles, but they do remember who hit the home runs.

    Many of us are similar.  We want to do things that make us feel important, something that will make thousands of people stand up and take notice.  Not all of us have that opportunity.  We can, however, help someone near us.

    There’s an old song penned by Ina Ogdon called ‘Brighten the Corner Where You Are’.  That is something that we all can do.  We do not have to be on a stage in front of thousands of people to do God’s work.  We do not need to be an ordained minister.  All we need to do is to listen to God and do what He asks us to, no matter how important, or unimportant, it may seen to us.

Published by Ray Richards