Safety is among the top priorities of a parent or homeowner. It is the reason why people ask questions about crime rates before settling in a new neighborhood. However, choosing a safe neighborhood with great emergency response and services is not enough. There are various things you can do to ensure your home is secure from burglars and other risks. The trick is to identify vulnerabilities in your home security system and strengthen them. You can also modify your behavior to make it harder for burglars to attack your home. Below is a look at some of the things you can do to improve your home’s safety.

Secure the doors, windows and garage

Most break-ins happen through the front door or windows. Doors are designed to offer the first security challenge for burglars. You should always keep the front and back doors locked, especially when no one is at home. Windows must also remain locked from the inside. Start by installing strong doors with complex locks that are hard to clone. If you live in Brisbane, Australia, finding companies that offer garage door installation services should not be a daunting task. You can also look up garage doors brisbane to compare different brands and locking systems. Another trick is to change your locks from time to time, especially after hiring a new house helper or following installations that exposed your home to strangers.

Use blinds and drapes on your windows

Installing blinds on doors and windows will keep your home, hidden from the public eye. Burglars usually target homes with valuables and attack when no one is home. Blinds prevent them from knowing if they will get anything of value should they choose to break in. It is also difficult to know who or what they will encounter.

Integrate modern technology and systems

Thanks to modern technological advancements, you can easily integrate alarm triggers, hidden surveillance cameras and motion detectors in your security plan. These systems feature triggers that go off or send instant notification to your smartphone allowing you to remotely supervise your home. You can also use timers that turn your lights on and off at pre-programmed times. This way, burglars may believe someone is in the house even when you are away. Your security systems should at least feature trigger alarms, calls to the local police department, cell phone notifications and video surveillance cameras.

Meet and become friends with your neighbors

Good neighbors can inform you if they suspect anything or if they see a strange person approaching your home. They can also maintain your home (trim trees, mow lawns or shovel snow) when you are on vacation. These little things can discourage burglars from attacking your home, especially when they believe it is occupied. What’s more, you can trust your neighbor with the spare key instead of placing it under the doormat or in a flower pot.

Get a family dog

Dogs are great pets for security thanks to their heightened senses. They can quickly sense a stranger in your home and bark or even attack them. What’s more, they detect both human and wildlife intrusion. Burglars usually want to get in and out quickly without being detected. A dog is a huge challenge that puts off the majority of low-level mugs and burglars. They are simply too loud and aggressive.

There are various other minor things you can do to fortify your home against common security threats. Make sure you maintain your surrounding and trim all shrubs that may offer cover to burglars. If you have young children, create a procedure for opening doors to strangers and appropriate measures to take in case of a burglar attack. More importantly, consider security systems with new technology such as remote surveillance, Wi-Fi connectivity and instant messages sent to various response options.


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