When staging your home for sale, don't be afraid to mix styles from different time periods.

If you're not living in a seller's market, which is when homes sell like hot cakes, having a nicely staged house will make a huge difference to potential buyers. Make sure your home is looking it's very best. You do this with home staging.

Well-staged properties sell faster than non-staged homes. They also sell at a higher price. If you put the time and energy into staging your home, you'll be rewarded in multiple ways. Why not take advantage of these professional home staging tips?

OK, let's get started!

#1 Brighten It Up

There's a reason why almost every buyer shouts“It's so bright and airy!” Everyone likes spaces that are lighter rather than darker. So, how do you do this?

First, make sure there are no lightbulbs out. Choose the higher wattage bulbs that are still safe in your fixture.  Next, before every show, turn on all the lights and make sure the blinds and curtains are all open. Also, if you have a fireplace, turn that on too. It's literally impossible to have a space that's too bright.

#2 Expand the Perception of Size

Here's a trick that every expert Realtor understands... "remove all non-essential items and you will automatically increase the feeling of space." We all love larger spaces in most rooms, with maybe bathrooms being the exception. Since you can’t easily increase the actual size of your homework on enhancing its perceived size.

Other key strategies:

  • strategically move furniture away from the walls

  • create furniture groupings

  • lighter colors are better than darker ones

  • avoid any color on the ceiling other than white

Tackle all of these and your house will appear larger to all prospective buyers.

#3 Always De-clutter

Everyone knows they need to clean their home before they list it for sale. But equally important is making sure that your home is thoroughly decluttered. If your home needs a lot of decluttering, then finding a reliable dumpster service is advised. For your decluttering needs, you can rely on bintheredumpthatusa.com that offers first-class services like cleaning up, downsizing, remodeling or doing a home project.

We all gather items over the years. We hardly even notice them. But as time goes forward our spaces inevitably get crowded and far less appealing. Throw away anything useless, donate things that are still useful. Then pack up all your must-have items that cover tables and furniture. Remember this saying, "Less is more!"

#4 First Impressions Are Huge

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We've all heard this line, right? Well, it's super important when it comes to selling your home. Because house hunters always have more homes to consider, if your house doesn't "Wow!" them from the start, the odds to get them to come for a personal visit drop rapidly. Spend extra attention on making sure the area around your front door is looking great. Buyers wait there while their agent works to gain entrance so they'll be looking at your front door, the light, the doorbell, pretty much everything in this part of your home.

#5 Don't Forget About the Outside

We just covered the front door and immediate area there, but another great staging tip is making sure your landscaping is in tip-top shape. Buyers will be checking your home out from the street, up your driveway, sidewalk and all aspects of your home's exterior. Also, don't forget that each listing has it's primary photo is usually the front elevation of your home. If anything looks out of place, make sure to correct it. You'll be glad you did!


Published by Zachary McGavin