Good Morning Lovelies.


I was sitting at home the other day, praising myself shamelessly for all the little homeware gems I've picked up over the summer, so I wanted to share them with you all.


I have a whole lotta love for anything duck egg right now. It’s probably a good thing I live alone because I sincerely doubt anyone would put up with all of the new additions that somehow find their way into my little flat.


5% discount if I buy 6 things in the same range… it’s just downright rude not to.


Garden crockery? Hell to the yes. Do I have a garden…. No, but I can pretend with my beautiful BBQ style glassware. That’s the same, right?


Oh, whats that? Another inspirational plaque? Don’t mind if I damn well do.


Perhaps my obsession has gone a little too far? But hey, we’ve all got to have our vices. I don’t smoke or take drugs, so if I want to spend my hard earned cash on growing my collection of things for the home I’ll probably never use, then so be it.


I wanted to quickly run through my favourite purchases of the summer.


Ice Cream and Sundae Dishes




Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how freaking awesome these little glass ice cream cones are? Is it a bowl? Is it a cone? Yes – to both! I absolutely adore these. Perfect to serve up some ice cream without that pesky cardboard-y wafer cone getting in the way of that gorgeous, cold, creamy treat!


I’ve used these when entertaining friends, because y’know, I am an adult now. Adults have their friends over for ice cream, don’t they?


Quality Goods Crates




Obvs still sticking with the Duck Egg theme. Saw these when I was out shopping with my dear mother, and before she could even blink I was at the till practically throwing the money at the cashier, grinning from ear to ear.


They are super stylish, rocking a little bit of a vintage look, which I totes love. Did I need them? Being super critical, no, but the heart wants what it wants. Some people want to find true love, I just want Quality Good Crates to store all my other impulse purchases in.


Pink Motivational Pillow




Ok, so my whole flat is Duck Egg, except from my bedroom. Being deprived at my parent’s house of a girly bedroom to make any Disney Princess green with envy, has seen me acting out in my own home. I’m a Princess, god-damn it. Popping into a stationery shop, of all places, lead to me buying this beauty.


I’m all about the positive energy right now, so Pink + Positivity = Purchase. Sorry bank balance, but you see the equation… maths doesn’t lie.


Reed Diffusers


reed difuser.png


What can I say, I’m a girl, I like things to smell nice. This is becoming a bit of a habit in itself, I currently have 3 on the go and my flat is tiny. One in the Living Room, one in the Bedroom and one in the lobby area outside of my front door. You can smell it from the front door of the whole building #SorryNotSorry. It smells far better than the smoke and boy smell coming from the ground floor flat anyway.


Measuring cups




I love, love, love baking, so when I casually strolled past the homeware section in Asda (Ok, ok, made a beeline straight for it and then spent 20 minutes practically dribbling over all the beautiful things) and saw these I just had to buy them. Half price definitely justifies the purchase of measuring cups when all the recipes you use are in grams, right?


I think the general rule for me is, if it’s Duck Egg, Inspirational or Girlie, I must have it.


Going to make this a monthly piece, reflecting on what I’m loving each month. It could be homeware, films, books, even apps (we all know I love a good app!)


Let me know if you’ve found any little homeware gems, because I need to feed my habit soon!




Nicole x

Published by Nicole Bradley