They say that home is where the heart is...

I believe this to ring true, however, my interpretation may be slightly different from yours. The word home breaks down into small compartments: safety, trust, love, protection, peace, sanity, respect, wholeness and any other synonym one can think of. Super glue all of these together and a home is created. Now some may feel that the actual structure you reside in holds all of those above mentioned values and it does indeed. Over the years though I have learned that not every home is sweet. During my spiraling years I had some confusion as to what the word home actually meant to me on a personal level.

After many moments faded behind me I have come to the conclusion that one's home is where their heart feels safe, protected and calm. The place where one's heart feels truly loved... their true love. That's home sweet home in my eyes, not the door you walk through, but the arms that hold you.

Even though my parents made a warm, loving and adventurous home for my siblings and I as we were growing up, I don't think that we are ever truly home until we meet our missing piece or better half if you prefer. A true love is the person whom you decide to spend the rest of your life with, therefore, it never really matters what house you live in because it's home as long as two hearts are together.

Well that's what home means to me anyways... what does home mean to you?


Published by Derra Sabo