Hello everyone, 

I appreciate the fact all of you were patient with waiting for me to come back home before I start blogging again. I know it seemed like forever since I had last blogged a post, but the time away was well worth it. I got to spend time with a "someone special" and officially changed my Facebook post to "In a relationship" for the first time (I have had previous relationships but never changed my martial status on social media, so this one must be someone special).  Nonetheless, it was a fun time, figured I would give ya'll the inside scoop on how my 3 days went.  Firstly, I traveled to Pittsburgh (that is where my significant other resides, 4 hours away from me) and it was my first time being in Pennsylvania, and it was exciting, yet very nerving because it was a HUGE city compared to my small town in Ohio.  When I arrived ( I arrived like 30-40 minutes late) because I thought I was a map and could navigate without the help of my GPS and got all screwed on the roads but eventually found my way back (with the help of my car GPS). Thank goodness the highway wasn't busy with traffic, it helped keep my road rage at bay! LOL.   I arrived like 8pm at night, because of work, I had to leave Ohio late in the afternoon, ugh. but when I arrived at my spouse's place of residence it was so weird, because I had to park on a hill, literally a steep ass hill (excuse my cursing) but it was ridiculous (Colorado had hills but not this nonsense), of course because I am a goober, I have my partner come out to help me with parking because I am thinking with my luck, my car will roll downhill. Luckily for me, my partner is amazing and shown me the ropes, what can I say, I got lucky with this one! skipping on to the main part of the weekend..... ------>


We spent Sunday night at the Prince Tribute festival, and it was amazing (I haven't downloaded the pictures from my phone onto the computer yet, so won't be able to share photos, I know, I suck) but I will have them on my social media pages tomorrow or sometime later in the week! I was half tempted to hop on someone's yaht but my partner told me to not be a weirdo, because knowing me, I wanted to experience the party the yaht people were having and would have hopped on! LOL (I didn't hop on) but we took a walk and talked about life and how much of a weird one I am and how funny I am.. and omg.. all about me! LOL kidding, we talked about us.. and because I am a loser, I asked them to be my lover (officially) in a high school boy ask girl kinda way! hahaha my partner said YES! woot. okay, so we have officially been dating for like almost 3 days now. . we have come a long way. We watched the fireworks (cliche) I know, but couldn't help but hold each other in the moon light while taking pictures (mostly me begging for more selfies of us together because we looked so cute) just my opinion. After the festival we went to dinner at this Pittsburgh classic sandwich place (Primati Bros.) and they were so DELICIOUS! a must try if you ever visit! and we then went back to their place and the rest is history (wink wink) 


Monday was another fun day, but I will leave that one for the books, I am home now and back at blogging, just wanted to give everyone a taste of my time away! I will start back up with the blogging tomorrow at some point, so be on the lookout. If any of you, want took some time away, share with me! would love to hear about it! otherwise, it is very late, so sweet dreams readers! 


Your Fitness blogger,


Shay-lon xoxo


P.S yes, you may judge me! LOL & the picture up top is Pittsburgh :)

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