It is blazing hot right now. While we all sip on our watermelon juice and sit in air-conditioned rooms, with the temperature decreased at an almost abnormal rate, we cannot deny that we are dreaming about the hills. The natural escape from this heat, the hills have a way of making our hearts melt with desire.

Instead of the dreadful currents of loo, it is always fun imagining the soothing breezes which are pure and soft—unlike the brutal dust-laden winds of the modern city today. Whether it is the cottages in Uttarakhand or a hilltop in Himachal Pradesh, the dream is always the same—an isolated corner of peace and tranquillity.

So why not make this dream a reality? In the next long weekend—don’t worry, 2018 is full of many—take a trip to a hill station and become a part of the landscape. Luckily for you, there are many homestay resorts like Himalaica which will feel like second home. These accommodations have many advantages:     

1. Homely feeling

The best part about these homestays is that they do not feel artificial. Organic and simple, they have all the comforts of luxurious hotels, without having the mechanical feel.   

2. Natural beauty

There are usually tucked away in a patch of woods or in a corner with the view of the heavens. The natural beauty is untouched and adds to their charm and attraction. One can perch themselves in these abodes and enjoy a cup of tea in the lap of nature.      

3. Peace and quiet

Nowadays, serenity has become a million-dollar component. In the cities full of hustle-bustle, one is always looking for a private moment with oneself. This is the perfect place to enjoy that much-needed solitude. With beautiful chairs and benches all around the property, there are plenty chances one has to just relax. You can play board games, have day picnics, and watch the twinkling stars at night—something which is impossible in the pollution-ridden cities.

4. Affordable prices

A lot less than the five-star hotels charge, these homestays are excellent for staying with groups. Ideal for entertaining guests in groups, they’re spacious and are full of fun-filled activities people can take part in. One can even go for hiking and trekking with the help of the directions provided by the friendly hosts. After all, these homestays are known for their warm hospitality.

5. Easy accessibility

These homestays can be accessed online or even offline with the help of phone numbers. They’re usually managed by a manager who gives further directions and instructions for reservations.   


Published by Sumity Paul