Friday I was watching Steve Wilkos and this lady was on there accusing her girlfriend of faking a pregnancy with triplets. The one being accused is upset w/ the accuser for making her go through the pregnancy alone, not keeping her promise to be there for her. The "pregnant" girl went to the doctor 6 weeks AFTER her due date and says the doctor said, at one point in time or another she lost the babies. OKAY?! LMAO

   The history behind them coming to the show, the faker claimed to been gang raped at a party and ended up pregnant. The Accuser said since she wanted more kids she told the faker to keep them. The faker ended up moving to where the accuser lived and bullshitted every time it was time to go to the doctor. The accuser went to a doctor’s appointment to hear the heartbeats and sat in the front waiting for the faker to come back and get her, but of course, she never came. The pictures from the pregnancy CLEARLY SHOW THE FAKER BEING PREGNANT! The accuser eventually called the hospital to see why they kept canceling the faker's c section and they said "there isn't one scheduled. There's never been one scheduled" AIN’T THAT SOME SHIT? The accuser asked the faker if she felt the babies move and she claimed to only feel 2/3. REALLY BITCH, EVEN I KNOW YOU BULLSHITTIN NOW!download-12

       The accuser ended up calling the paramedics and told them her wife was 6 weeks overdue and refused to go to the hospital. They sent the paramedics and police who told her either she'd go voluntarily or they're going to make her go. She went, and of course, there was NO BABY, BABIES, FETUS, ANYTHING. It sucks the accuser found all this out after providing a baby shower and buying 3 OF EVERYTHING. Why the faker came out trying to play the victim. EVEN STARTED CRYING! She tried to get buck w/ the accuser and the accuser was looking like, "bitch I'll slap the shit out of you" and she did when she found out she was lying!!! lmao! I'm dead.

     download-56Omfg it's some 10-year show on now for Steve and they're showing confessions I KNOW they didn't show on TV, omg! A guy with aids who had sex with over 200 people, child molesters and some more! ugh! I'm done eating now..... 2 girls confessed to having sexual relations with their FATHERS, and while one father came out and proudly tongue kissed his daughter, the other denied it.REALLY? How could you?? This is the world, we live in? Fuck not watching the news, I don't want to watch talk shows. Actually, I'd prefer to watch the news, but Maury is on. (: 1(800) CHOKE-DAT-HOE HAHAHA

Published by ShylahBoss Lee