Honestly, who doesn't like to conduct experiments, especially when they contain dangerous compounds. So just on Wednesday, we were in the chemistry lab conducting and experiment. The aim was to create hot ice. After following every step correctly as instructed, we were now left to wait for the solution to crystallise. At one point, the teacher told us to feel the BEAKER as it should be warm. Me and my other friend being muddled, stuck our FINGERS into the beaker instead. For a moment all we could say was: yes it's warm. The next thing we know, a sharp pain forms at our fingers and we see ice forming at the tips of our fingers. PANIC TIME! We dash to the tap to rinse our poor fingers and started freaking out because why not? Turns out we ended up with blisters on those fingers and learnt something new. Don't ever be impatient and learn to listen to your teacher carefully. 

Published by Vitae Ihlathi