Krispy Kreme launched in India with the first store in Bangalore in 2013. It later opened doors in Delhi with great enthusiasm and had people waiting in lines overnight for their delicious doughnuts in Saket. The opening day was a complete blast, people were gathered all around, everybody was enjoying there doughnuts and drinks.

But launching and getting a crowd is only the start, it’s making people come back that’s harder. On the first day when I tried their doughnuts and saw the beautiful process of making them in Saket, I was bowled over. I loved the texture, the icing, the toppings, the fillings, everything. I had more than enough reason to come back.

It’s now been over two years since they launched and have spread all over the city, with 5 kiosks in all the major places. Their growth was slow but steady, opening in Cyber Hub and then Vasant Kunj, I really couldn’t fault the chain for consistency.

However, the recently opened branch in Ambience mall is definitely falling behind. I have been here twice and both times, it looked dead. The doughnuts are often damaged or squished. They don’t look as picture perfect as you would find them in Saket. The flavour is still there though.

Krispy Kreme is definitely beating other Doughnut branches for me. That’s for a simple reason: texture of the doughnuts. I feel the true quality of a doughnut is best seen without any toppings and hence I always go for original glazed. Their original glazed donuts are absolutely delicious that are light and fluffy with a beautiful glaze.

Established in 1937 by Vernon Rudolph, it all began with a secret yeast-raising recipe he bought back from a French chef in New Orleans. Vernon then began selling doughnuts using this recipe in a local grocery store of North Carolina. The business began to expand in the 1950’s and they automated the doughnut making process in 1963. There first international store opened in Canada, after which they launched the coffee line. Krispy Kreme has come a long way with its 1000th branch opening in Kansas City. During this time a lot has changed in the company but they are still going strong without fault.

Lebensmittel Insight: Original Glazed is their most selling doughnut! 

They have a special “Hot Now” sign to alert that their original glazed doughnuts are now available piping hot, right after frying and glazing. 

They have quite a variety of doughnuts and introduce new ones during the holidays. Their chocolate icing is perfect with a beautiful shine and the right amount of sugar. The blueberry and strawberry fillings are also just as delicious.

Krispy Kreme is doing well ever since they opened doors in Delhi and thats because of quality and variety, which I hope they maintain as years pass

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Published by Srishty Khullar