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If you ever find yourself in Oberstdorf in the Bavarian Alps, you'll soon realise that this is the adventure capital of the region. No matter which season you come here, this town that’s enveloped in mountain ranges is always bustling with people. Winter is for snow sports, while other seasons are perfect for hiking, shopping or even cafe hopping.



Introduction to Oberstdorf:

I was here right in the middle of summer, so as soon as stepped out of the train station at about 9 in the morning (I only realised later that this is considered early), there were already lots of people walking around. My first impression of Oberstdorf was a particularly good one- a cute welcoming village full of balconies with flower beds and lots of opportunities for al fresco dining. Oberstdorf is a perfect introduction to what an alpine lifestyle would be like.DSC07159.JPG A quaint town surrounded by mountains


The check-in process:

I'm that obnoxious person who always wants to check in at 9am, but Hotel Regina Garni was extremely accommodating of that. The person who had my room the night before had already checked out, so I was able to drop my bags in my room until my room got cleaned. 



My room:

After a long day of hiking in 5-degree weather without being equipped for it (make sure you bring long pants even if you're going in summer!), I was looking forward to some comfort away from the rain and wind. And as soon as I walked in, it felt like home. The rain had stopped. The temperatures had risen a little. The clouds had cleared. 

For a single room, I had 2 couches, an extremely massive bed with warm cosy sheets, a study desk that faced the window, a spacious bathroom, and lots of space to do an exercise routine if I wanted to. Did I also mention that the bed was so comfortable that I had the best sleep here than anywhere else on my entire 3-week trip around Germany?

IMG_7351 An extremely big wardrobe- perfect for winter

IMG_7350.JPG What a comfortable-looking bed?


IMG_7352.JPG Lots of room for your winter coats


The balcony: 

I may be biased, but for an outdoors enthusiast like me, the balcony's usually my favourite part of any room. However, I think you will agree with me on this one. Imagine having glass doors for you to easily slide open to view the mountain range. You have 3 sets of mountain ranges- one directly in front of you, one to your right, and another set of mountains disappearing into the distance. You also have a view of a quaint street in front of you, as well as Oberstdorf’s countless brick roofs. Moreover, you were close enough to the mountains that you could follow the dark clouds drifting into and away from the mountain peaks. 

DSC07158.JPG View directly in front of you



Wifi was extremely fast and the coverage was absolutely fine. This was a bit of a surprise to me as I was at least 1000m above sea level and in the middle of a mountain range…




The buffet style breakfast was typical German. You were spoilt for choices with the jams, the different varieties of sliced meats and cheese, as well as different types of breads available (I especially loved the dark bread, which Germans love). Of course, there’s also coffee, tea, milk and various types of cereals too. There was also a variety of fruit available. This hearty breakfast would be able to prepare you for any kind of outdoor activity you were planning to do later in the day.

53541878.jpg Spoilt for choice (Photo courtesy of booking.com)

DSC07160.JPG Dinner on the balcony


The special touch:

If I had to describe Hotel Regina Garni in one phrase, it would be: ‘a quintessential Alps experience’. After a long day of hiking in the rain and wind, I was able to rejoice in the fresh air while I sat on my balcony and ate my dinner. It was a feeling of awe, of complete connection and respect with nature, of sublime. Even when it started raining again, I was able to sit at my desk to still admire the view whenever I looked up. This quaint, boutique, family-run hotel had made Oberstdorf one of the most memorable stops of my trip, and I can’t believe this was the only town I stayed at in the Bavarian Alps! Thank you Hotel Regina Garni, for giving me a perfect introduction to an alpine lifestyle.


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