Hotel Valhalla: Guide To The Norse Worlds

                    By Rick Riordan

Book Description:

    "This can’t-live-without guide to the gods and goddesses, mythical beings, and fantastic creatures of the nine Norse Worlds was prepared just for you, honored guest. It provides essential stats, interviews, stories, and personal reflections, so you can avoid those awkward introductions and start your training for Ragnarok with both feet running on the ground. You’ll never see Ratatosk as a cute little rodent or confuse a dwarf and an elf ever again!"

-From The back of the book

My review:

          I was so desperate to get this book in my hands. I loved Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer, but my knowledge of Norse gods was pretty much none. And even though Magnus Chase explains a lot while you read it, I still wanted to know more. (I know I could get that info from actual history books, but you have to admit that Rick’s way of writing makes it way more fun). So when this one came out, I had to have it. And well, the wait was soooo worth it. Most of it is told by Hunding, and it’s pretty funny like everything Rick writes. Also the interviews are pretty funny.
If you love Rick Riordan you have to check this one out. Specially if you enjoy Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer.

Published by Cathy Maldonado