Ever since 2014 3D printing continues to change the world through businesses, the environment, healthcare, government, military, automotive, aviation, aerospace industries, education, recreation, entertainment. Basically anything that can be created and designed 3D printers have the ability to make it. 3D printers are starting to boom even more, because with more research it is improving the quality at low cost. As of now, we are in the beginning stages of 3D printing so it only gets better from here. Its as easy as updating software, or downloading apps and blue prints online. Here a few ways 3D printers are changing the world.


It helps clean the Environment

As oceans, beaches and dump sites are flooding with trash that have a lot of non biodegradable plastics that can’t be recycled, we have made a way to reuse plastic for making any projects you have desired. Because of this technology they are able to solve and fix some environmental related issues, reducing waste, improving sustainability, and repairing ecosystems. The huge potential about 3D printers is it will soon be able to use eco friendly products like biodegradable materials, bio-plastics, powders, resin, acrylates, wax and more.

Scientist have figured out how to grow coral reefs through 3D printing. These reefs will help restore areas that have been damaged by pollution, people, diseases, and climate change. Making new reefs will attract fish to the area, and will be more durable against damage, Scientists have figured out how to reuse waste, by turning waste into filaments. These filaments will then be able to be use by the 3D printers.

Makes medical issues more affordable

Every day people are living with different medical issues, they are either born with, accidents, or military related. 3D printing is changing the lives of millions of people for any medical reasons. These printers are able to make external prosthetics, implants, and instruments used for surgery. Manufactures prosthetics can be expensive, ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars. Knowing prosthetics only have a life expectancy of 5 years, you can only imagine what it’s like for children who grow dramatically, the bills can add up. Most insurance companies don’t cover prosthetics so most people have to come up with the cost out of their own pocket. 3D printed prosthetics have been known to make a prosthetic for only 100 dollars. Using a 3D printer is way more convenient than being manufactured, because it can be made within a day, while being manufactured it can take weeks or months to get one. 3D printing can be used to make patient match devices, designed for that specific persons anatomy.

Creates transplants that do not need to be donated

Right now scientists are researching how to manufacture live organs such as hearts and livers. 3D printers use blood samples from patients, in those sample they will extract blood cells, they will then covert blood cells into stem cells. From stem cells they will covert it again into heart cells. This will then make a hydro mixture that is called bioink. They use bioink for the material in 3D printers to then create the same exact heart as the patients. It is essential to use blood from the patient so that the patient’s body will not reject the transplant. Making a new kidney is more complex than a heart. Because a heart’s main function is to act as a pump, while a kidney has a complex filtering system.  

Although this research is in the early stages, there is proof that they have been successful. But they will have to continue numerous of times to make sure they function correctly and are accurate. 3D printing is changing lives medically because it cuts the cost tremendously to have parts made. So all of our war veterans, children, family and friends will be able to get what they need for an affordable price.

3d Printing is more convenient than ever

Whether at home or at work, we sometimes never escape from damages, missing parts, or simply just can’t afford basic tools we need daily. 3D printing is an easy way to solve most of your problems. Cutting the cost for construction, replacement parts, 3D printing has made it easy to access instead of ordering online or traveling to the store. You won’t have to buy in bulk, you can just print out exactly what you need. You can fix things as simple as replacing the back of your remote you so happened to lose a few days ago. They have made it easy to use at home, through specific apps or blue prints they put online.

3D printing has been a huge advantage for remote places like antarctica, oil rigs, island nation and space stations. Sustainability in remote place are already hard, but with 3D printers it will be a huge step forward. Shipping is very expensive in most places, and having this the ability to print things out will save a ton of money and time.

Nasa had sent 3D printers out to space with astronauts to help print pictures and their procedures. These printers have also helped print out handy tool they need your the space craft. It has been valuable technology to have with astronauts because if anything were to go wrong they could just print out exactly what they need. Why it saves them money and time is because its about a million dollars to send cargo into space, and when they send cargo it takes month to travel there. Although 3D printing is still constantly evolving, NASA will be able to design more complex tools and projects.

3D printing in changing the lives of so many and will continue to do so in the future. As it advances we will able to accomplish so much more scientifically, medically and physically. In the future science will be able to become more accurate, the world will no longer have to wait for transplants, and we won’t have to wait months to send supplies up to space. It is more convenient, and eco friendly. Soon we will be able to find out how to safely reuse any plastics and metals without using all of the earth’s natural resources.





Published by Matthew Piggot