Do you feel good when the manager/steward greets you happily? Isn’t it satisfying when you are able to convey your feedback with the staff? In this blog, i would like to share the vitality in steward selection, that adds to restaurant’s/cafe’s profitability.

The rise of F&B industry in India is significant. Sources estimates a growth rate of 25% per year. Places like Cyber Hub (Gurgaon), Connaught Place (New Delhi), Sector 18 (Noida) and many more are flooding with food joints. Managements are resolute for a tough competition to provide best food quality and ambience. Both Indian and foreign investors find this sector profitable.

Categorically, the restaurants in Delhi NCR are - dine in, cafe(s) and self service/takeaways. One can make a choice, but deciding the most-profitable category is arguable.

‘Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing’ , Warren Buffet. In my foodie career, i have visited many of these categories, and found that each category have pros and cons, which has a direct impact on the profit.

There may be reasons for loss and profit, but a consistent and excellent food quality is inevitable.

The level of happiness of some people in North India is measured by the hospitality you provide. How a good Manager or Steward makes your experience memorable? Keep reading.

A dine-in restaurant requires a conclusive training for stewards and restaurant manager. A proper dine-in restaurant requires a minimum criteria set for  manager and stewards appointment. The criteria may have some attitude tests as well.

A ‘nice’ restaurant/cafe manager adds up to restaurant profitability, believe it or not. He/She may not be the only one, but his/her efforts surely matter. 

Stewards play an important role in a dine-in restaurant. Lack of politeness or irresponsibility can lead to loss, thus the selection process becomes vital. On the contrary, self service/takeaways, the selection process is on a lighter side. The cashier-cum-steward needs to be attentive while taking and giving orders. Despite good food, I have seen some restaurants evaluated badly.

A steward should be educated enough to explain the dishes when taking orders. Often customers are bewildered after seeing an exhaustive menu. And there comes a place for a smart steward, who, by asking intelligent and sensed questions, can come up with the suggestions.

Here is what comes with a good selection of stewards and managers-

  • Handles any changes in order from customer (it may not be possible to accommodate the changes, but a polite gesture works)
  • Taking any negative feedback don’t open a can of worms.
  • Dine in experience becomes comfortable, compensating any minor thing.

An awesome food with a mishandled behavior by the staff, vitiates.

A quick feedback session after the meals is required. The instant communication with the customers eases the feedback process.

Published by Gaurav Srivastava