How a Metta necklace can be the perfect spiritual gift

The divine Buddha very beautifully taught on development of loving kindness through Metta Sutta to his disciples. This prayer starts with blessing oneself and then expands or radiates gradually for all the creatures of this living world. We should wish good and keep good intentions for the whole world and its beings, be it our enemies.

The word Metta is from the Pali language which means "good will" or "lovingkindness". According to the Buddha, this prayer or mantra has many benefits. Few of them are: deep and restful sleep, fewer bad dreams, good relationships, serene countenance, etc.

Presenting Metta Prayer 14K Gold Buddha necklace. This equally beautiful and spiritual Buddha necklace will help you to be in touch with your divine side. At the top the two sanskrit words are "pragya" (purification of the mind by developing insight) and "maitri" (loving-kindness). In the middle, the endless knot represents the oneness of all the living beings. At the bottom there is a metta meditation mantra or prayer.

It is also a very good piece of jewelry to give someone as a meditation gift. This 14K White Gold Italian Rolo Chain is 18" (45 cm) which is the standard size for women. But either sex can carry it looking equally magnificent. It has an exclusive 24 Karat pure gold inscription on it. A luxury magnifying glass will be provided for you to look at it closely. Grab this fine gold Buddha pendant with natural onyx stone.

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