Do your employees mainly the salespersons and sales team run their entire work life through your CRM software? If your answer is not then, you are probably making a mistake, and your competition is killing it where your own may not.

It is a known fact that a sales CRM helps you close more sales at a faster rate. This being said it is clear that if you are not using a modern CRM software, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage against up your competition.  

Previously sales CRM used to be really expensive however they are not that so high anymore. Along with being more affordable, the newer CRMs are also highly secure systems that are cloud-based and allow you to pay for it on a monthly bases while you can even get a few others that are absolutely free.

What is a CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management, is the strategy that you use to manage all the company’s relationships along with the interactions that you have with your customers and potential customers. This helps you improve the performance that you are able to provide to your customers,

How can CRM help your sales team improve the sales process and sell faster?

CRMs allow you to visualize your opportunities in the sales pipeline

If you get a CRM software for your sales team, they will be able to easily and quickly see where they can find their sales opportunities. This will help them to find and visualize their sales strategy quickly as the CRM helps to show them where exactly to insert their efforts and at what point do they need to take action.

Imagine that your heavy on the first appointment and then the submission of proposals are low then you may have to reach out to your sales team and turn them around in the middle of the sales process and tell them to focus on turning more appointments into proposals. When you use CRM software, you can avoid this scenario altogether.

CRMs allow you to track and record every interaction that your company has so that you can be more responsive to your customers.

A modern CRM system allows you to integrate all of the contact records so that every interaction you make with the customer. This also helps you capture the customers' timeline so that you have a complete history of all the prospects interactions with the company.

There are a few systems that can help you track snippets in your website that allow you to track every person that visits your site and add them to your database. This is what will give you the insight that you need to monitor what your prospect may be interested in and what they need.

Email notifications from the CRM software can help you understand when your prospects open your emails. This can be very helpful in your sale strategy as your team will be able to respond to the customs when they are reading the mail or just after it.

The fact that CMRs allow you to connect with your customers faster shows you that they are instrumental as this is what your company needs to ensure the sale is a success.

Automate tasks with CRMs

Your salesperson spends around 21% of their time on selling while the other 79% is used on tasks like data entry, writing emails, researching leads, or scheduling and attending meetings. All of these tasks can be automated to a great extent which means that your salespeople can spend more of their time selling the actual products and services. More sales mean more growth for the company and a better outcome for everyone that is involved in the process.

Segment customers according to their activity

When you only sell to one big database you may not be as efficient nor would it be beneficial to your company if you conduct sales from just a spreadsheet. Although you have the option of manipulating data, it is a very cumbersome experience for everyone around.

A CRM helps you segment any data you have in a number of ways so that you can pick the one that is best suited to your company. Your sales team can focus all of their efforts on the right people so as to reach the right prospects faster and more often and yeah increase sales to a great extent.

Being able to enable your sales team to make more sales and increase your revenue is a collaborative effort, and it is a result of many different things put together. The easiest thing that you can do is to get your team a CRM that is either free or extremely affordable. This is a quick and necessary way of growing your sales faster and getting your selling back on track to reach your ultimate goals.

You can try out a few of the available CRMs and find the one that is perfect for your business. You can start with the ones that are free and move on to the ones that are paid.  


Published by Samantha Brown