Do let the title fool you, an investigation agency will not provide you with recommendations on the best company in your city, or help you with the hiring process. They can, however, help you pick the right company with their investigation skills. Private Investigator Toronto, Mississauga | Discreet Investigations is one such investigation firm.  

There are many things to consider before saying yes to a new employer. Neglecting these options can trap you in a company or in a place where you might not be comfortable to work in. 

 Here are a few things to consider before selecting a new employer. While you can do a lot of research on your own, you may also turn to an investigation company to do it for you. This saves you time and the information is also much more reliable:


Do not put your career at stake by opting for a company you know nothing about. It is important that before you accept a job offer, you dig in deep into the background of the company or the employer and find about their past and current activities. What do other employees have to say about the company? Are they happy working there or they looking for a way to get out?

 You can also read customer reviews and figure out what kind of reputation they enjoy. If the customers are satisfied then you are good to go, however, if things are otherwise, you need to reconsider the job and look for some place else.

 How Much Do They Pay

It is important that the place you’re willing to work at offers market competitive salary along with bonuses, benefits and commissions, if applicable. Other than that, ensure that salaries are transferred in a timely manner.

 If employees are made to do overtime then make sure they are being paid extra for the time.

 Co-operative Or Not

It can be frustrating to work with an employer who doesn’t solve the problems you face at work. You may come across various problems such as network issues, time management issues etc.

You must make sure the company you’re going to join is cooperative in this regard, and understands your problems.

 Scope Of Growth

Getting hired for a job where you won’t learn anything new is like standing still at your place while people around you walk by. Any place you work should provide you with opportunities to excel in the field you are working in.

If there is no potential for growth, then it is useless to join a firm even if it offers you good pay. This is because, without growing you will not be able to move ahead.

Growth can be in terms of money and skills, you need to know what motivated you more.


A peaceful environment is necessary if you wish to learn and excel at a company. If the company is not employee friendly, then you might not enjoy working there.

An investigation company can get you answers to all these questions by speaking to current and previous employees and using other such tactics.

Published by sandeep Malik