As a Law of Attraction blogger and practitioner, I often state visualization to be one of my favorite manifestation tools. In order to manifest any desire into our lives, we must know that it is possible and visualization makes it feel real. 

Have you ever seen your goal or a specific desire in your mind before reaching it, even if it was unplanned? Have you ever anticipated what might happen only to see it happen exactly as you had imagined it? If you remotely understand how this feels, you can believe that visualization works. Allowing your desires to play out in your mind will lead you to experiencing them in life and that is why visualization is a useful manifestation tool. 

Visualization is seeing your desired reality in your mind as if it were your life right now. If you feel good about living that reality while visualizing it, your mind will guide you  to the course of action necessary to manifest it. Feeling good about your ideal reality also means believing it is possible to manifest which is a requirement to the Law of Attraction, as we all attract the things we believe are possible for us. If you can believe your desire to be possible for you, believe it's a done deal, you will manifest it. 

If you allow it, your mind and intuition can guide you in the direction of your dreams.

The path from visualization to manifestation can play out in several ways, all of which prove that Law of Attraction is nothing but real life. 

When you are told to think good thoughts in order to see good things to happen to you, you are actually asked to believe that your ideal reality is absolutely possible to manifest; that way, you can allow yourself to see what to do when the time is right. When that time comes, you will know what to do in order to manifest the life you want. If you visualize living your ideal reality and feel good about it, as previously stated, you will attract the events and circumstances necessary to manifest even faster because good feelings remove resistance as well as the need to engage in negative thoughts or doubts.

Visualizing your life with your desires manifested is positive by default because you allow yourself to have it as soon as you see it in your mind. On the other hand, negative feelings connected to your desire would indicate that you don't see yourself living it just yet - if you did, you would feel good. You might feel good visualizing something you deem obtainable but believing that your desire is just as easy to attract will evoke even more positive feelings and a smooth manifestation process. 

Sometimes, you will visualize that you are living your desire and it will simply come to you. Something you love can just happen to you as a result of visualization. Either way, be patient because rushing yourself or your manifestation will evoke negativity and keep you the space of waiting and trying instead of having and relaxing.

When visualizing, use your senses! See, touch, smell, taste and hear the world in which you are living your desire. See your desired reality as clearly as you do your current one and you will believe it to be possible. 

Published by Nina Grdic