Exercise keeps the muscles working and flexible. Had you thought about your ears needing exercise as well? What might keep your ears unable to function properly and I don’t mean due to hearing loss that is unpreventable. The religious leaders and the people had been seeing and hearing. Like the citizens of Nazareth, their eyes were opened but unbelief hindered their vision of the Messiah standing before them.  They were listening but not hearing. Jesus’ words had become similar to what we call white noise. Like Elijah they said, we have been loyal to the Lord! They listened but the Lord was not in the earthquake, the windstorm or fire but He came in a soft whisper called the babe in Bethlehem.

If we fail to exercise diligence to hear the Word of the Lord we will be unable to hear. Jesus’ words have become like a crust of familiarity. We have heard Jesus died for me so long and so many times that it no longer has the power or force it had the first time we heard it. It now bounces off like a rubber ball on concrete and the seed falls upon the footpath of life or between the rocks and amongst the thorns. Instead of growing corn, it grows thorns.

But, not all are like this. Some eyes are open and some ears are hearing and to these Jesus offers this: Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be satisfied.

Are your ears getting the exercise they need?

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/29IiyyY​

Published by Gaye Austin