I discovered pastels four years ago while going through a very emotional time in my life. I had heard of art therapy, but I was not looking for a therapist...I already had one.

I purchased a cheap kit of student pastels, some pastel paper, a rubber eraser, and started messing around.

Not having much money, I bought a Vogue magazine for inspiration, as there were plenty of portraits of beautiful women with perfect complexions. I then went to work, practicing everyday getting a little better each time. I started posting some of my paintings on Facebook and my friends and family started seeing them.

My daughter, my friends, and my family all said,

"Hey you whatever you're doing you should keep doing that!"  So I did.

Art has since helped me through addiction, mental illness, trauma, family problems, and this last year surviving cancer.

Wellness through art is a vision I have to help peers relate and heal and share art in a safe non-clinical setting. Please stay tuned for more stories of wellness and art, and check out the official website at: Wellnessthroughart.com    

"We're all recovering from something."

Published by Patrick Colton