Often it is not a demon that it is our problem rather it is our belief in his power that haunts us. My flatmate had moved into three different apartments since last year. In each of them, she had one problem, her flatmate was hunting her with a witchcraft power.

Her fear began when she was with her ex. She left him early in 2015.  That was when I first met her. She had dated and lived with him for about 7 months. She had accused him of wanting to use her for a ritual sacrifice. I did ask her when we newly know, before she ended up moving to my flat, on how she was sure that her allegation was true. She had a lot of incoherent stories of how her engagement ring disappeared from the house without a trace after the man had proposed to marry her. She had earlier kept the ring in the bedroom to take a shower but on coming back the ring was nowhere to be found and it was only the two of them were living in the flat. She also said that she caught the man taking her personal photos away from her bag where she packed them. Her suspicion was that he was taking them to his cult for some ritual. I did then recommended to her to meet a psychologist.  She didn’t.  She rather went to her pastor for a 3days deliverance. She later told me. 

She found love now, again with this cute romantic guy who literally worships her.  I had seen this the few days I saw them together in my flat. I was happy for her, for them and I had in mind of one day seeking the man out to ask him how he managed to be that romantic and nice to her. I really know that with my present mindset, I wouldn’t play that to any girl.  But last two days she banged at my door, and in panic told me that the second man was a witch too, a demonic. She had gone to cook for him and had to oversleep, but at night, she suddenly woke up and saw a mark on her forehead. She did take a picture of the mark. Two parallel lines ran on her forehead like if somebody was using a blunt edge of a pen to press a hard line on her forehead.    She did say that the witchcraft cult where her boyfriend is a part of was trying to open her head, take away her brain, if not for God's mercy that she woke up. So that ended the romantic relationship and again she became a woman in fleeing, running away from her love because of her fear of demons. And I know that soon she would flee our flat since her present ex, knew it.

Her story is not just one off story, her story is one out of the many of such stories that have characterized the current rise in Christianity in Nigeria and Africa at large. 

A lot of people have grown to perceive the slightest oddity in one's life situation as an attack from the demon. This is so because many preachers, pastors and anointed men of God helped in instigating and nurturing the belief that one’s neighbour or parents, (usually old ones) are witches haunting one’s success. This often leads to a perpetual unresolved rancour. 

But the truth is, the multiplication of these demons serve the man of God well because it gives them a job: what to cast out, and money accruing from it.  But it leaves the faithful with a broken life and relationship. 

Published by Ezeiyoke Peter