I was recently able to chat with Zach Paone who is a Boston born entrepreneur with a love for helping businesses acquire customers. While Paone was attending college he waited tables at a restaurant to get by. He would often skip his boring old finance homework and study online courses on information technology, data science, pattern recognition, and digital marketing. Paone knew he wanted to start his own business, something he could take pride in. So, that is why he started Advincible Media, a premier customer acquisition agency that specializes in messenger bot marketing. 


I asked Paone some questions about when he first started, here is what he said:


What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why?


  1. You will fail. Often, I was under the impression I would just go right to success and not have to make any mistakes. I began running ads like every ad was going to work, but I then realized that many ads fail. The important thing to know is how to cut the losses quickly and scale the winners. 

  2. Invest in people. I always tried to be a one-man-band. At one point I had a hard time hiring people because I didn’t think anyone would get the results I could get, and later on I decided to become a good leader and show them how to consistently get results just as I do. 

  3. You aren’t paid what you think you are worth, you are paid on your value in the marketplace. Before I was able to get results I was making no money, after I took a client store from 0 to $115,000 in revenue in 2 months, I realized my value in the marketplace was extremely high because clients were coming to me with offers. 

  4. Be yourself. One time I was in a meeting and I was trying to repeat something I heard a salesman said in a seminar I attended. It came out horribly. I ended up not getting that company as a client and I realized when I speak from my heart and my own knowledge and experience I am able to convey my message to the client much better and it has allowed me to give our clients confidence in our services. 

  5. Think long-term. I would start off by worrying about the day or week ahead. As soon as I started looking at things a year from now, my decisions become more logical and gave me less anxiety over them if things didn’t change right away.


Is there anything you would do differently if you could start over?


Yes. I would spend more on the business. No business ever got bigger by saving money. Constantly reinvesting a certain percentage of our revenue allows us to consistently grow and maintain great results.


Photo Credit: Samantha Barracca

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