Every media outlet has reported the misogyny of Donald Trump during this election, and they're not wrong. He can't stay committed in a marriage, he consistently objectifies women based on their looks, and is a sexual predator. Of course, as a female herself, Hilary would seem to be the default champion of American women. Right?

I personally don't find this to be true. In fact, the one thing that people think make her "feminist" is the one thing that I believe does not: her pro-choice views. How so? Isn't it classic misogyny to tell a woman what she can do with her body? To keep her bed ridden for the sole purpose of bearing children? Consider the following quote: "If you want to know where the stigma surrounding abortion comes from, it is from pregnant women being told that they are not good enough, strong enough, or woman enough to be a mother." [New Wave Feminists] That's right. Our gift and strength as women has been cloaked in the rhetoric of "choice" when in fact, the message to pregnant women is that 'you have no choice, other than abortion.' 

Telling women that they can't do the same things as men without sterilizing themselves is the same kind of thinking that society had in the ages of sexism in the first place. Not only are we capable of accomplishing the same things as men, but we can do it while living out the vocation that only a woman can fulfill, that of motherhood. "Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business." [Beyonce]

I read an excerpt from Cosmo today, condemning Trump and his supports while claiming radical sexism on the Republican party. On Snapchat they said that even though Hilary was the better candidate by a long shot, it wasn't enough to win her the electoral vote simply because she is a woman. Could it be she failed to gain the votes because of her deception? Her irresponsible choices that got brave Americans killed? No, all of this was ignored to add sexist contrast between Hilary and Trump. If women want to be treated equal, then they have to accept equal punishment that their male counterparts would receive for such mistakes. You can't lobby for equality and then play the sexism card when your failures come to light, nor could a man get away with this tactic. 

In any case, this isn't a support piece for Trump either. If any thing has been made abundantly clear throughout the past year of campaigning, it's that Trump is no gentleman. This post was more to address the propaganda that the women of this country were some how let down last night, when in reality, they were let down years ago. I know not every one will agree with me. I understand how the pro-life movement has made poor choices to earn them an anti-feminist stigma. In my humble opinion though, I think both parties are to blame for the blatant disrespect of American women in our country today. 


Published by Samantha Motto