If there’s any constant in life, it is change. You’ll change homes, jobs, and friends like it’s nobody’s business. Life revolves on a pace that sometimes can be difficult to catch up to. With two bustling companies, Brad Roemer understands that the external environment offers much change to the way he does business. His clientele will change frequently, and the needs and demands that shape the real estate industry are unpredictable. Let alone the Californian household market, which has reached new heights over these past years.

Accept the Change

Perhaps you’re the type of person who will deny the stresses that come with changes in your life. This is counter-intuitive, as your first resolve should be to acknowledge what’s going on.  It may be less stressful to accept that everything will always be ok in the end despite these changing times. Fight off the denial and pent up emotions that continuously protect us from dealing with our current state.

Stick to a Schedule

When massive life changes occur, Roemer likes to keep things to a detailed schedule. Anchor yourself by following the same exercise routine every morning mixed in with late yoga practices to attract a zen-like thinking. If you have a dog, walking them every day after work also helps keep you together. If you like to keep track of your whereabouts, use a bullet journal or agenda to tick off every item you accomplish every day.

Eat Nutritiously and Healthy

Instead of regularly reaching for that fry and burger, choose healthier options. Sure, you can consume comfort foods, but only in moderation. Ensure that your diet is balanced with fruits, whole-wheat grains, protein and vegetables to give you energy.

Be Grateful

When you’re experiencing tough moments in your life, it helps to be appreciative for all the things that are bright and well. Whether it be setting aside prayer time every night or dedicating a journal to words of gratitude every morning, you’ll start viewing life more positively. Perhaps you’ll even find positives in the less than savoury changes that you are dealing with. You may have picked up the pace by finding a hobby that you love or made new friends to cherish the good times with.  Let it be known that change always presents us with opportunity for personal and professional growth. A better you will come out of this, always.

Published by Sister wives