How can I eat healthy while traveling? Now I'm under diet……Yah! I want to continue my dieting while I am moving.

As a Dietician I have seen many times, my clients come to me for the advice to handle this situation in a depressed mood.

That's why now I'm here to share with you an excellent idea to keep you evergreen.  

It is a miracle!

A glass of green juice that will help to protect your beloved skin, enhance your body's immune system, and convert your dead skin to nourishing skin. 

For this, you need to carry on a portable blender or Juicer with you in your travel time. Only then you can make it any time anywhere when you have free time. 

I always do it while I'm traveling. I preferred to carry a portable blander for travel time with a small hand filter in my backpack. That's why it is easy for me to make a smoothie or Juice regularly. 

So, in your daily routine, now you could able to add a glass of green juice.

Benefits of drinking Green Juice regularly 

Let me time to give you some beneficial ideas about this trendy drink.

We know that our skin is the mirror of our health. The age spots on the skin, wrinkles, thinning or drying of the skin, are due to age or for abuse of immune system. That's drinking this natural homemade green juice regularly is detoxifying our liver as well as the pancreas. Following are some benefits of drinking green juice-

  • These green juices are supplemented with several types of vitamins, chlorophyll, and antioxidants that boost our gut system.
  • It cleanses our skin, removes blemishes, and brings vitality to the skin and adds a nice aura to the skin permanently.
  • In our dining, we are unable to maintain all veggies daily. Obviously, we can recover it by drinking green juice, and it's much easier and cheaper to maintain.
  • For juicing, we can select those veggies which do not reach our regular diet menu.
  • It is beneficial for our immune system.
  • Its liquid form is easy to absorb and digest.
  • Instantly, it boosts your energy level.

(Caution: Please do not consider it as a meal supernumerary.)

 Ingredients and making Process

Depends on your staying area and season, you may take available veggies from your nearest market for your Tandy Green Juice. And you'll able to add any two fruits to change its savor and taste. Here is mine-

  • Ginger: 4 to 6 cm peel off ginger
  • Cucumber: 1 pcs medium size.
  • Spinach: 250gm /1cup of spinach
  • Papaya: 200gm of Ripe or Green Papaya
  • Lemon: 0.5 peel-off the lemon 
  • Mint: 6 to 7 pcs of Mint / Basil leaves (handy one)
  • Lettuce: 2 large leaves
  • Celery: 4 or 5 stalks Celery leaf
  • 200 ml fresh coconut water. Or Mineral water

Making Procedures

At first, wash all ingredients in a volume of draining water. Chopped all veggies into 6cm long pcs and leaves in small size, which smoothly runs through your portable Juicer or Blender.

How to make it using Juicer?

Put all chopped ingredients in your Juicer for as long as strain out all juice and fibers separately. Then add green coconut water to ready for a drink.

How to make it using Blender?

Making juice with your blander, you only need to add more 1 to 2 cup water for a smooth blending process to make it more liquid-like a smoothie. Then strain the fibers using a filter, and your juice is ready for serves. 

Ideally speaking, if you are aware to eat healthy while traveling you should incorporate green juice into your daily diet to improve one’s overall health condition.  Using a portable blender or juicer It is easy to get and convenient to make. So, cheers!

Published by Mohsin Ahsan