While there are a number of standard packing solutions offered by shipping companies to carry your cargo, a customised packaging is trendy these days. The otherwise standardised and common packaging facility available for all kinds of goods does not serve everyone’s purpose and is thus making the way for custom made crates. Such a custom crate can be made from any material, the most common and preferable one being wood and offers numerous advantages over the conventional options. 

Benefits of Custom Crates over others


If you are not sure of investing in a customised crate and would rather prefer a normal packaging, here is a list of some functions performed by custom crates that can make you change your choice:

  • Exact Size and Weight

The basic idea of a custom packaging for your particular goods and supplies is that it is tailor-made. The crate is thus built to fit the shape and geometry of the item, exactly in position. This saves you from the ordeal of fitting an oddly sized item into a specifically sized traditional container; mostly square in shape. This also ensures that the item or goods are protected inside the crate and would not be subject to breakage by manhandling as it is perfectly fit inside the container.

The custom packaging also poses beneficial for carrying items with varying weights. Since either too large and heavy or too small and light items may not be suitably lifted by the standard containers. Thus, you can get your custom crate designed for carrying weights which are otherwise not suitable to be carried by the standard ones and ensure optimal safety and protection of the goods during transportation.

  • Protection

One of the major factors of getting a custom crate built for your goods is to ensure their protection during the shipping and transportation process. It performs this function duly since it is built according to the specification of a particular item, it is ensured that the item doesn’t move around while shipping and thus avoid any damage or breakage. Since most of the damage to goods during transportation happens due to it hitting the walls of an ill-fitting and lose crate, custom crates ensure protection for such fragile items. Since wood is a strong and durable material, it is mostly used for building such crates and packaging which can be optimally locked and sealed. Thus, you can get your custom crate built with a hardwood such as oak to ensure an added protection for your goods. Moreover, by getting facilities such as moisture and temperature control installed in your crate, you would also help protect your goods against any environmental factors such as dirt, salt water, temperature swings, and so on.

  • Reusable

Custom made crates of wood are very durable and long-lasting. They can thus be used for a long time for various trips, making them reusable. Thus, your investment in a custom crate can be very convenient and pocket-friendly. You also need not worry about their storage and shelf-life as some wooden crates especially contain a natural odour that repels insects such as termites and rodents that can destroy the wood and contents of the box. The growth of moulds and other fungus is also prevented in such crates.

Thus, these functions and benefits of a custom made crates can be very useful for storing and transporting your goods from one place to another within the country or even for overseas export. According to the conditions that the crate would probably experience, you can choose the type of material. 

Published by Jack Louis