When dating for a long time, complacent can affect your relationship. Many couples state that after a year affection runs away, and they end up living in a house with their best friend. But this doesn’t mean you cannot fix things, you only need to look for new ways to connect with your partner. Even if you may find it surprising, dancing is one of the activities that boosts affection and improves your relationship.

Do you still have doubts? We recommend you to watch the Strictly, a dancing show where professionals like Craig Revel Horwood are examining couple’s choreography and evaluate their performance. This dancing TV show will prove how a simple activity like dancing can connect even people who have never met before.

Dancing is good for both your health and romance. Here is why.


Dance is a form of exercise

Sometimes people find difficult to be affectionate with their partner because they don’t feel comfortable in their body. The solution is simple, you need to exercise to achieve your ideal body weight, and you don’t have to do it alone. Many types of dance are similar to moderately-intense exercises, so you’ll burn from 250 to 400 calories in less than 60 minutes. Some types of dance are even more intense, so you can burn even more than 400 calories. Craig Revel Horwood states that during the show, contestants lose a significant amount of weight because they rehearse daily for multiple hours.

During dancing classes you can physically reconnect

It’s recommended both of you to enrol to the same dance classes because this activity allows you to physically reconnect. Depending on the type of dance you choose, during practices your eyes will meet regularly, your bodies will come close together, and you can even feel your partner’s breath on your skin.

Dance boosts self-esteem

Sometimes, the image you create for yourself stops you from connecting with your partner. Improving self-esteem can be beneficial for your relationship. If both of you are happy and satisfied with how you look, you’ll no longer want to hide from each other and you’ll want to be more affectionate. You’ll notice that judges like Craig Revel Horwood from dancing TV shows appreciate the contestants who trust their skills. Professional dancers have a great self-esteem because this activity models their body harmoniously.  

Dance keeps you away from stress

Sometimes the daily stress two people experience highly influences their relationship. Going out of the house and trying something new, takes you away from your daily worries and help you relax. You’ll have a new topic to discuss about and your progress at dancing will be more important than other things. If you make time to spend time together and to spend time away from your house chores, job, children and other things that stress you, you’ll find easier to re-connect with your partner.

Dancing is a great activity for couples because it requires people to trust each other when they execute certain dance moves.

Published by Cynthia Madison