The state of Texas is under the gun with “Nightmare Harvey” as the weathermen are calling it. But does how does the loss of a home equate to the loss of a loved one to death without hope? How about the loss of a nation or a people group as we are seeing happen in the Middle East?

 Grief is a very real and present emotion.

We are even now watching as a part of Texas is inundated by flood waters which they say will go on for days. But, Paul is speaking in the first century and his heart grieves for the loss of his people as they continue to deny Christ and salvation. “I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart.” [Romans 9]

Is this our grief too?

Temporal losses of a job are tough but there is always hope to find another. You can lose a home and its contents but you can build a new one. But you cannot bring back a loved one or restore a nation to wholeness. Grief takes its toll and some never recover. But, the deepest grief is when those you love die and enter a Christless eternity. Paul is grieving and we too should also grieve when this occurs.

It is because of that we must earnestly contend for the faith. We must “go and make disciples.” We must pray for our loved ones who do not know Christ.  Paul was willing, just as Moses, to forgo his eternal salvation so that the lost might be saved.

How deep is our grief for the lost?

Published by Gaye Austin