Arranging sales calls demand both time and effort. Management teams always look for new innovations and technologies to make it easy and to convert more leads quickly. However, Sales Sling mentions that a simple solution to this issue is to optimize call center dialers. If your business demands frequent calls to lead to conversions, you should know about the different types of dialers that are available to see which is best for your business.

Dialers That Work in a Call Center

Manual Dialing

Manual dialing is an old concept and any business can use this method. This type of dialing is great for small businesses that don’t have to make high volumes of calls. Manual dialing also requires minimal investment, since the agents are dialing numbers by hand.


This advanced feature enables your agents to click an icon on your CRM system to make an outbound call. This dialing method is a bit slow. However, the agents can effectively use this system to sell and upsell.

Preview Dialer

This feature helps your agents by letting them preview the calls so that they can prepare prior to the conversation. This can be very helpful for inside sales calls and collections.

Power Dialers

If you’re looking to integrate an automatic dialer system into your workplace, this is a good place to start. Power dialers are capable of making an outbound call automatically. Moreover, these are affordable.

You will also get a plethora of options to choose from if you decide to take the power dialing route. These are designed to boost the productivity and cut down the dialing time significantly. The only downside to using power dialers is that your agents may encounter a lot of busy signals and no answers at times.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers get information about the agents who are handling calls. After collecting all of the information, they make inbound calls just before the arrival of the agent. Predictive dialers are able to dial many contacts automatically until they get an answer. Moreover, they can transfer the calls to the agents that are available. The businesses can use predictive dialers to increase efficiency and to minimize the idle time.

Although predictive dialers are more efficient than other dialers, they come with a cost. They typically cost more than other types of dialers.

Which one is more effective?

There is no definite answer to which dialer will be best for your business. Depending on your workplace and what kind of calls your agents are making, different dialers will benefit your business in different ways.

You can use call-to-call dialers if you have a powerful CRM system. Power dialers can be the best for the immediate result. Preview dialers will be effective for low volume calling of your important and high volume clients. You can consider predictive dialers with your small staff for high volume calling.

All of these tools are in place to help with efficiency in the workplace. The next time you’re wondering, “How dialer works in call center?” you should keep in mind how many dialers there really are and figure out which will benefit your business most.

Published by Whitney Morgan