First off I wanted to say that I started this blog after scanning the internet for gay poly information of any kind. We have read many books and a few articles, but I was looking for real life support and insight, there was plenty of information about poly relationships with men and women and their extra, but not much regarding gay polyamory.

Second, if you don’t know what Polyamory is, then educate yourself, Polyamory is not a sex free for all where you sleep with multiple partners. Polyamory is actual relationships, multiple ones, where you have to be able to communicate effectively. Polyamory is not something you can do as a side hustle, emotions are involved.  

Third you are probably wondering who we are and how we got here, so my name is Coyote, my husband is Ted, we met in an open and affirming church 3 years ago and it was love at first sight. We moved in 3 months later and we love every minute of being together. That doesn’t mean that the road in life wasn’t a bumpy one, we both came with baggage. The first thing we stressed to each other before moving in was if this relationship was going to work then we need open and honest communication. We both agreed and to date that has helped up through our new journey.

So again you probably are wondering, how we got to this point. We have friends that are polyamorous, a boyfriend girlfriend couple and they each have separate partners. They told us all about it and we were intrigued. They recommended the “Ethical Slut,” by Catherine A. Liszt, Dossie Easton, and Janet Hardy. The next day Ted went down and got a copy and we both read it, shocking as the fact that the number one thing they stress in any relationship of any kind is COMMUNICATION! We both ate the book up, reading through in record time. So now that we read the manual lets run out and find someone……wrong! It took another year of talking though Polyamory and to throw you off a little, we got married in the middle of this talk. This is what can happen when you have that communication aspect in your relationship.

In all of this we have several dates that turned out to be dud’s, we joined a poly Meet-Up group in our hometown of Portland and it was ok but many of the members of the group were straight couples and we couldn’t relate, there were no gay couples that were in a serious polyamorous relationship.

 Some time went by and Ted found that someone that he fell for, this is why I am writing this blog because nothing can prepare you for that day when one in a relationship finds that person and you are odd man out. This is our talks, trials and path to life from our view. We both hope this blog helps people out there going down this path, because done right the trip can be healthy, amazing and fulfilling all rolled into one.


Published by Coyote G