Hello Beautiful People! 

Have you ever wonder how you manage to be in the situation you are in?  This can apply to anything from relationships, friends, family, travelling, academics, work/career or anything else in-between. In a blink of an eye somehow you are here.....

I was doing a university assignment or maybe you can say "procrastination" where I deeply questions, "how did I get here?". At times it all goes too well and you are in your happy moment and life was good. Suddenly it all falls apart and I question how did it become so complicated? How did something so perfect falls apart? The saddest thing is you wish it can go back to normal. You dream for the simpler times, you wish for that security. BUT unfortunately you can't go back there and life keeps going, it sucks. What i'm saying is, these are the little life lessons we learn from, these are the lessons that makes us become stronger human beings. Though 'bad' experiences  we learn how to grow, we learn how to cope and we learn how to live again.

So all in all, remember that "bad experiences" can be the best experiences you would have. These are the learning curves in life, that makes us who we are. Without these "bad experiences" you haven't live, you haven't learnt from your mistakes and you would't be able to grow. So appreciate these little life lessons because they will probably be the most valuable ones.

Always remember that life is an obstacle course, it is meant to test your limits and abilities but you will come out in the end!

Till next time, - M



Published by Marisa Fong