If you have back pain, injuries, or you are concerned about preventing back pain, there are many reasons why you should sleep on memory foam mattresses. These are considered to be the most ergonomically designed best mattresses that are safe for your back. They are available in a wide range of densities to address your more specific needs. Explore the different ways in which it can be beneficial for your back.

Providing Back Support

Memory foam mattresses provide back support by conforming to your body’s natural shape. When you lay down in your bed, the mattress will softens and bends to provide support to all the body parts that come in contact with it. This includes the spine too.

When your spine gets full support, the benefits include:

  • Relief from back pain problems
  • Proper natural alignment
  • Preventing poor spine alignment during sleep

The mattresses also reduce any stress on the shoulders and hips during sleep. This further helps in preventing any back pain that may develop with other types of mattresses.

Relieves Pressure Points

This type of mattress gets this benefit from its use of visco-elastic materials. These materials also help in relieving the pressure points on your body. Thus, you can sleep and wake up without any pain. The material also responds to your body heat as it absorbs heat and spreads it away.

The mattress can, in fact, conform to any pressure point on your body, not just the hips, shoulders, knees, and back. These points are small surface areas that can handle large part of your body weight when you are asleep. The heat from the body further softens it, making it more conforming.

More Comfort for Back

These mattresses are excellent fro not just preventing spinal issues, but also for those suffering from back injuries. Patients suffering from back injuries require a long time to heal. Most of the healing process takes place during sleep. This makes it important to have undisturbed sleep to speed up the healing.

In fact, there are many properties of memory foam that help in increasing comfort:

  • Temperature sensitivity helps absorb and dissipate heat to maintain comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Resistance to movements prevents disturbance or shift in body alignment if someone else moves in the bed

Helps Maintain Spinal Alignment

The spine comprises of 3 primary curves and this type of mattress conforms to all of them without creating any resistive force.

  • The cervical part (top) of the spine supports the head
  • The thoracic part (middle) of the spine supports the upper body or torso
  • The lumbar part (bottom) of the spine supports the lower part of the back or your foundation

It is important to align all these curves to prevent the development of chronic back pain due to improper sleeping posture. This type of foam provides proper spinal alignment, supports the lower back, and prevents back pain.

Most doctors recommend patients with minor back injuries or pain to sleep in memory foam mattresses for a reason. The reduced pressure on the back is helpful is speeding up pain relief and healing.

The National Sleep Foundation reports that more than 8 in 10 adult Americans suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime. There are many factors that increase the risk of these pains, including occupational stress, lack of exercise, physical health condition, sleeping position, overexertion, and even the condition of the mattress. Using this type of mattress goes a long way in addressing most of those factors and improving the condition of your back. Since they are available in different densities, it is recommended to choose the right one based on your condition or preferences.

Published by john paret