Moving from one place to another may seem straightforward and simple. You put your belongings in boxes. The movers put those items in the truck. They drive the truck to your new place and bring all the boxes inside. Then, you unpack it all. While the movements may seem simple, the planning and execution of those actions are a bit more complicated.

Let's look at just how a moving company works, so you know what to expect next time you move.

The Reality of Being a Mover

A moving company does a lot more than just show up at your doorstep with a truck and a couple of movers. They are running a business. Here is a short list of things they do on a daily basis:

  • Surveying a home's contents to estimate the cost of a move
  • Providing estimates to potential customers
  • Booking moves and getting them on the schedule
  • Provisioning for each move on the schedule
  • Juggling changes as they occur
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Collecting money from customers
  • Managing the company's reputation

Estimating the Cost of a Move

One of the main tasks a moving company must handle is estimating how much a particular move is going to cost the customer. There are several factors used in this estimation that a consumer needs to be aware of.

When doing an estimate, the moving company is going to need to know what you want to have moved. They will need to do a visual survey first. They will assess the likely weight of the items to be moved, any items that will be challenging to move, and potential issues on moving day.

The costs for long distance movers and local movers will be a bit different. A long distance mover’s final cost will be based on the total weight of the move, the distance to your new residence, and any extra services you have them perform. A local mover will charge for every hour the move takes and how many helpers are needed.

Almost all movers will provide free estimates. That is important because you should get quotes from multiple companies.

Additional Services Offered by Moving Companies

A quality household moving company will do more than just move your items from one location to another. Here is a short list of some of the additional services they can provide.

  • Packing - If you don't have time to pack everything before your move, you can have the movers do the packing for you. This is great for last-minute moves.
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly - Large pieces of furniture can often be broken down for a move. The movers can do this for you as well.
  • Storage - Sometimes you need to have your items put in storage before moving into your home. Many moving companies offer this option to their customers.

While the cost of a professional mover is usually more expensive than doing it yourself, letting the pros do it for you makes your move a bit easier to manage.

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