Yet another Valentine’s Day and you are single. Well, many people are and they are not sorry about this. You can do lot of exciting things to freshen up your mind. If you are in Hubli or Dharwad, there are additional outing plans to execute. Even if you are all alone and do not wish to engage with friends, here are some fun activities to stay in light spirit and feel great.

Get a Relaxing Spa or at least a Foot Massage

If you are on a holiday and not busy in the daily commitments, then take a break to relax yourself. You can visit a nearby parlor or spa clinic for beauty treatment. After the winters, the hairs and the skin become dry and frizzy. Your hair, feet and facial skin requires some springtime nourishment. You can also do some skin treatment at home with simple spa products. Nowadays, the spa packages are available online on gift portals. Give your body the ultimate relaxation and rediscover the lost glow.

Shopping Spree Expedition

Take a break from online shopping and video games. Take stroll to a nearby mall. People in Hubli take intense pleasure to shop for different products at the Urban Oasis Mall. You will get everything here from jewelry to restaurants and what not. You may also get a chance to take advantage of special Valentine’s Day discounts and packages.

Purchase Gifts for Your Friends

Now that you have received so many gifts from your friends on 14 February, you can take some time out to send valentine’s day gifts to Hubli. Now it is impossible to buy loads of gifts for different friends, pack them and meet everybody in person to give them the parcels. Simply visit an online gift store and let the authorities do the task on your behalf. You can order a couple of products for your family members and even pets.  

Cook Your Favorite Dishes to Satisfy the Taste Buds

You can very well decide what type of food will be great in the dinner or lunch. Cooking at home can be a wonderful experience provided there are essential ingredients at home. Try it out and you will be able to create magic in the kitchen and see the results at the dining table. You can cook pasta, dosas, chicken or anything you like. If you fall short of ideas, buy a cookbook or learn a recipe online.

Get Yourself Some Chocolates and Gourmet Goodies

After the lunch or dinner, you may urge to have some sweets, pastries or anything similar. Try Ferrero Rocher or anything else of your choice. You can also order wine, cakes and cookies online with some gifts.

Watch a Comedy or Suspense Thriller Movie

After the lunch, you can spend your afternoon or the evening watching comedy movies. If you do not like the idea, switch to thrillers to keep your mind engaged in guessing the climax. Alternatively, you can also read a new novel by your favorite author.

Hope that the above mentioned ideas will keep you busy throughout the Valentine’s Day. If you still fall short of ideas, go online to plan video games, chat with friends on the social networking sites or watch videos. Anything you do just make sure it is of great pleasure to keep you in joyous mood. 

Published by Gaura