A person sent me this question:  “How do I learn to pray the scriptures?” Part of our answer starts in Jer 12:1 as we extol the righteous character of God. “Father, you are holy and you are righteous.” It is because of God’s righteousness we can know that He is trustworthy and just. From Abraham to where we stand today, He is the righteous just judge and always does what is right.

It is because Jeremiah knew the character of God that all doubts were erased –even though he still wondered how God could and would tolerate these hypocrites “who always talk about you, but they really care nothing about you.” Asaph also faced this dilemma and he found himself on a slippery slope of envy. He, like Jeremiah observed their prosperity and life of ease even though they were dishonest. And like Jeremiah he heard them echo “God will not see what happens…to us.” Both men were essentially saying why? Is my integrity worth it? Beloved, you may be thinking similar thoughts at times when you are in a storm cloud of life and you too see the hypocrisy of those around you. In the end, we should realize that God knows their destiny and He will right all wrongs in the end.

Remember the two thieves on the cross beside Jesus? One repented and accepted the offer of forgiveness and entered Paradise. The one who refused, like these Jeremiah and Asaph described, went to Torments. God is a righteous judge and He knows the end of both the righteous and the unrighteous. God is ALWAYS righteous. God can be trusted to right all wrongs.

So as we think about how to pray when faced with the hypocrisy swirling around us; begin with praising God for His righteousness and that He will right all wrongs in the end. 



Published by Gaye Austin