How do you all feel about the On This Day or TimeHop apps on Facebook? I go through having mixed thoughts about them.

Hands down without a doubt the older the post is the dumber it is. Really my super old and embarrassing posts are probably MySpace, thank the lord. My older posts from Facebook though has lots ambiguous stuff like, "Whew that was a bad day," or "So thankful." Ummmm okay. . . Why? About what?

I also see a pattern of posting being sick a lot in the winter, about basketball and football through the spring and fall, and about it being hot in the summer. I want to tell me from 7 years ago that nobody cares. Stop posting this stuff!

Some days there won't be anything from On This Day. Other days will have dozens of posts. Is there anything to that pattern? Why are certain days over the course of years consistently busier than others? I'm probably looking too much into that, but it is kind of strange.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I get tired of seeing every single thought and opinion of everyone I've ever known, but then I appreciate that I get to keep in touch with friends and family so easily. This On This Day app just mirrors that love/hate Facebook relationship. There have been several little moments regarding my kiddos that I have posted about and since forgotten. Seeing those moments on my feed and remembering them all over again is so much fun.  But then it also breaks my heart a little. It makes me sad that I didn't remember these little moments on my own and that Facebook had to remind me. Also I am constantly reminded about just how fast they are growing up. Thank you so much stupid Facebook and On This Day.

Today though, it had lots of good stuff for me. It reminded me of when my daughter was 8 months old I made her belly laugh till she snorted multiple times. It reminded me of the first time our kids stayed overnight away from us. I had several small panic attacks, and they had the time of their lives. There was a picture of my herb garden 2 years ago after a good rain. I apparently thought an episode of Sesame Street was hilarious when Mr. Miyagi was teaching Cookie Monster biscotti karate.  Aaaand there was this, which is still mostly true.

On this day

So am I the only one with a complicated relationship with these Facebook features?


Published by Lacey Hamilton