Okay so this is similar to the ‘If you like it wear it’ post, in the sense that its one of my older post that I’ve ‘refurbished’.


This question is a very hard one to answer but is pretty much relevant every day of your life. But it’s also one of the trickiest ones to answer, but I’ve been able to come up with four things I define myself as.

I define myself as:

  • stubborn
  • ambitious
  • shy
  • cheeky


This is a common trait from the women in my family.Often if I want something done and people tell me to wait I’ll try and figure a way to do it myself so it’s quicker. ( I guess I’m kind of impatient too) Also when I think I’m right I will be very confident in my opinion but if I realise I’m wrong, I’m not afraid to admit that.


I dream a lot about being successful and being happy. I always dream big so whenever I think of a goal I want to get to, I plan how to get there and what I need to do but most importantly, I focus on my attitude which needs to be positive, otherwise it will never happen. I feel like without goals/ambitions I wouldn’t get anywhere in life as I would have nothing to drive me forward and be excited for.


Over the years I’ve become more and more quiet and kept to myself. In year 7(when I was 11) I was really outgoing and made lots of friends – who i’m still friends with today and I am so grateful I did because now i’m more shy, and more content with the close friends I have, instead of making new ones. With my friends i’m loud, energetic and just weird but with new people, I. Will Not .Talk. It just takes time for me to adjust to new people and it others me that I’m not very confident instantly.


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been super cheeky. I just love joking with people who don’t take life too seriously, so we can easily make fun of each other without hurting each others feelings. I guess it’s because I’m quite laid back and love to laugh.


How do you define yourself?

hope you enjoyed today’s post x


Published by Alex Dawson